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thinkingParticles 6.8 for 3ds Max - Subscription

Massive procedural dynamics effects system for 3ds Max

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thinkingParticles 6.8 for 3ds Max 1-Year Subscription is one of cebas' flagship plugins widely known for its fully procedural and physically accurate, real world destruction and special effects simulations in the movie and game industry.

Countless blockbuster movies and projects depend on thinkingParticles' limitless ability to recreate advanced physics-based particle effects in a fully procedural way.

Subscription Drop 8, represents the latest major release of thinkingParticles, offered for free, to all full Subscription users in good standing. cebas keeps its promise of delivering continues upgrades and enhancements.

Multi-Physics simulation has never been better and more advanced; fluid simulations and rigid body interactions have been optimized and resemble real world physics behaviour.
Surprisingly, improving thinkingParticles simulation accuracy has no penalty and what you see is what you get with amazingly fast simulation times. Drop 8 delivers an industry first: FlowEmitter it is a new particle generator that has solved many long-standing fluid simulation issues, a thorn in the sides of many graphics industry professionals for decades, has now been resolved. No other fluid simulation system in the market today allows you to simulate filled bottles or containers in such a short amount of time and with lesser effort...



Fluid solver 6.8 is the best fluid solver offered by thinkingParticles so far. It has always been one of the fastest and most stable particle based SPH solvers in the industry, but it got even better. More stability, more predictable and faster results than ever.
The new SurfaceForce Operator allows you to create a force field to continuously displace particles. This new Force Operator is perfect for creating waves and other particle effects with greater ease and amazing flexibility.
More ways to create particles from the Generator is always good news! This new particle generator offers many creative ways to spawn particles. A simple mouse click to fill a whole landscape with puddles or lakes - how much faster can you get.
Industry standard OpenVDB brings many more new toys! The new OpenVDBShape operator is a lightning fast surfacer offering an optimized multi-threaded approach to surface generation with great flexibility and filtering options. 
This operator offers a fully procedural approach to deforming objects right within thinkingParticles. Similar to a particle skinner approach, particles 'attach' themselves to the nearest vertex and influence it. Fast and powerful.
Boolean operations re-invented. ShapeCutter is more than just a simple cutter operator, it's a true 3D boolean operator! Any mesh can be procedurally bool-ed - the sim is automatically turned into a true 3D volume before any boolean operation is applied. It creates always watertight results.
Simulating true volume diffusion is a tough one, but it can be done in thinkingParticles. Any value attached to a particle can now diffuse within a volume in a physically accurate and fully procedural way. Spreading color, heat or whatever value is fast and simple to achieve.
Multi-Physics is a complex beast in need of taming. thinkingParticles is one step closer to the holy grail of combining all natural phenomena calculated in one simulation step. tP brings you a much more refined and controllable integration of all physics solvers it offers.
tP offers a new particle generator. Specifically invented to enhance fluid simulations; the FlowEmitter does not only offer one of a kind features in the industry in simulating fluid pouring and glucking it is also a great all purpose particle generator!
Controlling lights is key to impressive visual effects. thinkingParticles Subscription Drop 5 offers new ways to control lights and illumination in a 3d scene; the PLight operator turns any particle into a real Omni light type along with proper shadow casting.
Multi-Physics Enhanced
Fluid and rigid body interaction is a true multi-physics simulation case. It is not a trivial task to achieve, especially when buoyancy is involved. Subscription offers new enhancements that solve many issues seen in earlier versions of thinkingParticles 6.8 for 3ds Max.
Hydrofield Enhancements
Fast and efficient large scale water body simulation is done with thinkingParticle's Hydrofield operator. This ultra fast voxel based shallow water simulation system handles sizes ranging from a puddle up tp an ocean water surface. Interaction with the Flow solver has been enhanced as well.
volumeBreaker Clusters
Adding procedural clustering to the volumeBreak operator opens up a new world of destruction visual effects. Never before was it possible to actually define in a fully procedural way clumping or clustering of volume fragments. Let your full creative destruction power shine!
ShapeNoise is a deformation operator able to act on all particles with a shape (mesh). What was known as the former roughness rollout menu in volumeBreak; has now become its own operator with all the benefits of the full procedural power thinkingParticles has to offer.
Making Honey without Bees
Subscription Drop 4 brings more power to procedural visual effects on 3ds Max. With the addition of its first spring based SPH fluid solver, ThinkingParticles breaks new grounds in fluid effects simulation. Now, you can create honey and other sweet stuff right form within tP.
Making Gelatin Cubes
Viscoelasticity is an amazing property of some fluids, a fluid can be rigid when exposed to fast and strong kinetic impulses while it can appear very liquid at the same time, when no impulses are applied to the fluid. Learn more about how such effects can be created in tP.
Covered in Chocolate!
Viscoelastic fluid solvers can be used in many creative ways. Simulating chocolate coverings are fun to do and really fast with thinkingParticles. The awesome speed of the new viscoelastic fluid solver opens up a new world of creative procedural visual effects in 3ds Max.
ImplicitShape in Color
tP offers many enhancements; ImplicitShape offers now vertex color channel support. Until now, implicit surfaces had only one material and no UV coordinates. This latest release ImplicitShape now supports UV coordinates, materials and any other kind of vertex channel.
Making Viscoelastic Pizza
Procedural visual effects are the future and 3ds Max enjoys this for over 10 years now! Viscoelastic fluid effects are fully procedural. Any aspect of a viscoelastic fluid can be influenced at any time. How about a dough kneading simulation?
New Fluid Solver SPH2
SPH2 is a new fluid solver algorithm added in Subscription Drop 3. This new fluid solver builds on the success of the very first fluid solver introduced with tP 6.0. SPH2 offers much more stability and faster processing even with low sub-frame samples.
Enhanced ISO Surface
Subscription Drop 3 incorporates an additional ISO-Surface algorithm; added to our ImplicitShape operator. This new algorithm enhances the surface generation out of a random point cloud to resemble a flat surface. It gets rid of the blooby look other methods usually deal with.
Direct Alembic Export
thinkingParticles Subscription Drop 3 now supports direct Alembic Export as well as Import. This industry file exchange standard for 3d meshes and particles offers great new flexibility in integrating thinkingParticles into any existing or future F/X pipline.
10x Faster Cache Writing
Caching out particle systems in an efficient way is key to a successful F/X pipeline. tP enhances cache writing/reading by a factor of 10 - cache files are written more efficiently and a new per frame file caching option allows for even greater network flexibility.
Fumes & Smoke
Subscription Drop 2 is the hottest free upgrade for all subscription users. How much hotter than fire and smoke can it get? For the first time in the journey of thinkingParticles, we have an advanced smoke fluid solver inclusive as a standard. Now, you can have it all together: water, smoke and fire.
Sifting Fumes
thinkingParticles uses a pure particle-based approach without any of the restrictions usually found with the regular grid-based systems. Want to sift some smoke or fumes? Go ahead! Create all this without having to buy some extra terabyte hard drives to store your simulations.
Smoke Interaction
Proper, physically accurate smoke-rigid body interaction is only one of the many strengths of this new smoke fluid dynamic solver. Hot smoke fluid propels a rigid body based on heat expansion and the speed of the fluid hitting an object. Nothing short of amazing for your play with rule-based events.
The Rotor Wash
Every smoke fluid solver on this planet has to have its rotor wash epiphany. So does thinkingParticles! Such effects becomes an absolute breeze to do with our latest release. And minus the burden of a regular grid-based system. Free the artist!
Hot and Cold
The latest smoke fluid solver in thinkingParticles is able to simulate a broad range of effects; all based on physically accurate parameters. VFX operators for you to heat or cool down 'gas fluids' and even have its physics respond to its simulated environment. All this in a fully procedural way.
Particle Rendering
3ds Max does not offer direct particle rendering out of the box. Other tools are overly complex and need the learning of some exporting and conversion routines. tP offers you an easier and better option instantly available to Subscribers. Now, direct point rendering is possible.
Camera Map Memory
Who needs wizards anyway? Be your own wizard, in a procedural way. Turn back time, skip time or even go back in time - all this is at your fingertips with this latest feature addition to our Camera Map operator. Greater visual impact with each particle imprint!
The volumeBreak Node has been enhanced a lot! Now, automatic tesselation can be activated in a fully procedural way including proper re-mapping. Even when broken off parts are displaced the total volume of the body is unchanged. Pieces still fit perfectly even with high tesselation values.
Curve2D - with this new Helper, artists gets full steering in defining a curve to control an output value. There are two methods to use this new Helper Node. It can either be used directly, by wiring it to other Nodes; or it can be configured in a 'Satellite' mode.
ValueToValueper is the new helper Node used to define a curve to control an output value. It allows for detailed control of its input and output range which are mapped to the curve.
Shape Position
Shape -This Helper Node allows you to query a Shape (spline) object. For any given length, for example, its 3D position on a spline, can be the queried output.
tP Shape Operator Node
ImplicitShape in thinkingParticles is the newly designed Shape Operator node generating iso surface representations of density created by a particle cloud, and works to amazing 3d dimensions in creating a surface for fluid particle effects. It can also be used to create any kind of surface generated from particles and you can change multi-modality views to see its effects.
tP Multi-Physics Fluid Solver
MultiPhysics fluid dynamics presents a breakthrough in realistic simulation of water and uncompressible flowing substances. tP integrates workflow of events to a high degree of manipulation based on realistic flow effects. The MultiPhysics Fluid Solver allows for soft-bodies interacting with rigid-bodies in FlowBoundary node; inter-particle procedural joints; HydroBoat node simulating water vehicles on water; seamless flow from rigid body to fluid and vice-versa.
Analyzer Tool
Another groundbreaker for tP is the real time Analyzer that tracks every development path of a simulation networks in all its complexity. The real-time Analyzer further empowers users to truly analyze in-depth details of DynamicSets; tracks PositionBorn in particle sets; emitterpaths; TrailBorn, FlowGroups captured in time intervals, giving users immense control, finest adjustments.
tP Generator SnapShot Operator
The Generator node can now procedurally create a mesh snapshot of any amount of particles forming one single larger particle representing the mesh at the time of snapshot using particle modelling and allow the complex whole to be simulated as one.
tP Distance-based TrailBorn
Powerful tool! Users create time-release complex structures based on procedural & particle modelling at interactive rates minus the hard work. Using Trail nodes, multi-level particles are generated - toggle distances of how the entire model meshes out procedurally, enabling effortless generation of sprawls, spiraling networks, symmetries or not.
ContactPoints Joint Creation
New Utility added to thinkingParticles 6.8 for 3ds Max to enhance Joint creation combined with Physics simulation. Any number of meshes can be selected and joints placed at closest contact points between objects to simulate joint movements. Thousands of joints can be created with a few clicks instead of cumbersome clicks.
Enhanced GeomContact
The GeomContact operator powerfully positions outputs between selected points of objects to create connections, procedurally, thereby giving the user greater flexibility and control as the object changes in scenarios across environments, interactively stable in conjunctions with other objects.
Physics Parameter Handling
By introducing a new level of integrative multiphysics solvers, artists effectively assign independent simulation parameters to particles right away via the physics simulation setup options. E.g., anchoring several animations to a swinging rope (BTropeImport node) and assigning directly to each object/particle which physics-solver will affect its motion to the swinging rope.
Spline Physics, Spline Modeling
New nodes enable quick succession procedural spline modelling 3ds Max New node, SplinePool, auto-generates a network of spline particles across any selected surfaces. The new nodes: SplineInit; SplineImport; SplineData; IsSpline; SplinePhysics; SplineKnot: the ultimate spline modelling tool for artists dealing with complex and diverse setups within tight deadlines.

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