5 Things to Consider when Choosing Design Software

by Franco Folini January 13, 2007 2 min read

By virtue of selling so many design products a very typical conversation we have with customers is about what product best fits their needs. Of course different customers have different needs but I have tried to abstract the selection criteria. Here are what I believe are the five key things to keep in mind when […]
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How to Rank CAD Blogs

by Franco Folini January 10, 2007 3 min read

we are just starting to recognize that we are all part of an online community Last Saturday afternoon, intrigued by Guy Kawasaki post, I put together a short list of CAD blogs for my own pleasure and interest. It was a simple list with all CAD blogs I read sorted by Technorati ranking. I thought […]
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Don’t Quit Your Day Job to Start a CAD Blog

by Franco Folini January 06, 2007 3 min read

If you listen to the buzz about blogs and bloggers you may get the wrong impression and you may assume you can quit your day job and start blogging, with Google AdSense as the new reliable source of income. If you take a closer look at the key numbers you may find out that a […]
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Frederick W. Taylor and 3D Technology

by Franco Folini January 03, 2007 2 min read

in 3D designers need to master the art of creating parametric CAD models I was pleasantly surprised to see so many readers going through my recent post about the slow transition from 2D to 3D. Several readers left thoughtful comments explaining why they still use 2D technologies and tools. I really appreciate their feedback. I […]
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December Newsletter is Out

by Franco Folini December 28, 2006 3 min read

It was Christmas when the December issue of Novedge monthly newsletter began to leave the Novedge mail servers heading to the inboxes of over 70,000 subscribers. In order to keep the flow of the rest of the e-mail traffic, the newsletter is sent gradually over a span of 3 or 4 days. This way we […]
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Five CAD Trends for 2007

by Franco Folini December 22, 2006 2 min read

It’s that time of year for predictions and forecasts. I'll take up the challenge, try my best to look into the crystal ball, and tell you what I see for CAD for the year ahead. More Internet Internet will become even more pervasive for CAD systems and users. We will use the Internet more for […]
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The Fascinating World of Novedge Order Processing

by Franco Folini December 18, 2006 3 min read

Order processing is easily dismissed as a non-strategic component of a company's success. At Novedge we believe that order processing is a key part in assuring the best purchasing experience for our customers. I'm the person in charge of the order processing and I personally take care of most of the orders that come to […]
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Why the transition from 2D to 3D is taking forever

by Franco Folini December 12, 2006 4 min read

For as long as I can remember, sophisticated 3D CAD systems have been on the verge of fully replacing the supposedly inefficient 2D CAD systems. For years it has been considered just a matter of time before the obvious advantages of 3D systems would push traditional 2D systems out of the market, all with great […]
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Is CFD “Moving to the Left”?

by Franco Folini December 06, 2006 2 min read

We recently added a user friendly CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software (CFD-CADalyzer) to our offering that brought back memories of a decade old marketing catch phrase. I remember when in the 90s the idea that FEM/FEA was "moving to the left" started to go around. It basically meant that the latest generation of FEM/FEA products […]
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Can the Internet put Fat CAD Software on a Diet?

by Franco Folini December 05, 2006 2 min read

I read the interesting post of Ralph Grabowski about fat CAD systems and how the Internet can change the way users purchase CAD software. First of all, let me say that I agree with Ralph. Most CAD systems are packaged with an incredible collection of features, each one of them cannot be purchased separately or […]
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Why I like 3D Navigation Devices

by Franco Folini December 02, 2006 2 min read

When we interact with a 3D computer model to analyze it or change its shape, a 3D scene appears on the screen as seen through a virtual camera. In order to look at the object from a different direction, zoom in or out, or to pan to a different area we need to move the […]
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The Newsletter is Ready to Go!

by Franco Folini November 24, 2006 2 min read

Since Novedge started its website a few years ago, we have been publishing our newsletter almost every month. It's our tradition and a way to stay in touch with our customers and friends. Every month we write and put together a group of short articles about the products in our catalog, combining news and technical […]
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Welcome to NOVEDGE’s blog

by Franco Folini November 18, 2006 2 min read

While new blogs are popping up everywhere like mushrooms after a spring rain, it’s a good moment to ask a simple and direct question: why would a software reseller have a blog? I’m sure most people believe that nothing really interesting happens in a reseller's office to fill the pages of a blog. Thankfully, my […]
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