What's New in TurboCAD® Mac v14?

January 19, 2023 2 min read

What's New in TurboCAD® Mac v14?

TurboCAD® Mac v14 is a comprehensive 2D/3D CAD solution that will meet the precision drafting and modeling needs of architects, builders, mechanical engineers, woodworkers, and other design professionals.

This is the additional plugin compatibility for the following host application versions and render engines:

Key features in TurboCAD® Mac v14 release include:

Unfold Sheet Tool

The Unfold sheet tool is used to flatten analytical or NURB surfaces into the xy plane. The unfold operation works on a sheet body that is flattened by mapping it onto a plane. The output body is a B-rep body consisting of planar faces and edges.

PBR Photo Rendering

PBR, or physically based rendering, is a method of rendering computer graphics that aims to accurately represent the way that light interacts with different materials in the real world. In PBR rendering, the appearance of a material is defined by a set of parameters that describe its physical properties, such as its roughness, reflectivity, and transparency.

BOM Fraction Measurements

The Bill of Material Create BOM feature has a new option to support fraction measurements. To use this feature, select the Attributes and BOM dialog box from the Tools menu.

    Paraboloid Primitive  

    The paraboloid primitive provides a mean to create a quadric surface from one-, two-, or three- point definitions. Use a paraboloid to create reflectors/radars, automobile headlights, solar furnaces, antennas, and aerodynamic tips.

    CACIS Modeling Kernel Update

    The core modeling kernel was updated to support a newer version from Spatial. The new update provides greater increases in quality and robustness and improvements in modeling tasks such as booleans, blending, chamfering, sweeps, skinning, healing, and faceting functionality

    Gripper Non-Uniform Scaling

    The Gripper has a new graphic widget to perform non-uniform scaling via a handle. To use this feature, display the inspector and select the gripper properties tab. Then select “Enable Gripper”. The non-uniform scale graphic is the red, blue, or green box display along the associated axis.

    SketchUp 2022

    The SketchUp import/export technology was updated to support the lasted SDK. This includes support for newer versions as well as maintenance updates for sharing data between the applications.

    More Solid Modeling Tools

    Ten new solid modeling tools were added to TurboCAD Mac Deluxe. These tools extend the already powerful solid modeling capability with the following tools: --Two Rail Sweep--Cutout Solid--Protruded Solid--Skin Solid --Pipe--Hole--Boss--Trim --Push/Pull.

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