The New Possibilities Of nanoCAD Construction 20

March 22, 2021 2 min read

The New Possibilities Of nanoCAD Construction 20

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Nanosoft, the developer of DWG-compatible CAD systems, announces the release of nanoCAD Construction 20, a new version of CAD application for construction engineers. 

nanoCAD Construction was developed to support 2D parametrical design useful for different AEC specialties. These are the key features of nanoCAD Construction 20:

New Platform

nanoCAD Construction 20.1 is based on the updated nanoCAD Plus 20.1.

Updated User Interface

User interface is updated. Interface icons are redesigned. nanoCAD Construction supports light and dark themes.

Automatic Enumeration Of Objects

The Utilities have a new command Object numbering (SPNUMOBJ). It provides automatic numbering of objects that have an editable text attribute. The command dialog box allows you to customize the numbering method, set the initial numbering number, numbering step, specify the prefix and suffix. 

Text Formatting In Tables

Text formatting controls appeared in tables. The font in the cell can be adjusted in height, set the color and thickness of the text lines.

New Dimension Type

Implemented a new dimension type – Offset dimension. The command allows you to set dimensions on splines.

Improved IFC Functionality

  •  Now it is possible to update the imported IFC file 
  • Save IFC with merging of changes 
  • The object tree settings are implemented on the IFC tab 
  • Optimized storage structure of project data 
  • Accelerated work with IFC projects

Improved Space Object

  • Rooms now have a marker showing the area including finishing 
  • Baseboard length calculation takes into account doorways 
  • Improved "Statement of finishing of premises" report. 
  • It displays total area of surfaces with the same finish

Connect with one of our experts at 866 362 8970 if you have questions about NanoCAD Construction 20.


NanoCAD Construction 20

NanoCAD Construction 20

nanoCAD Pro 20

nanoCAD Pro 20 

nanoCAD Plus

nanoCAD Plus 

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