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August 13, 2013 3 min read


Novedge: Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do

Adrian Alva: I’m basically a New Media Art Director and Motion Designer. I work generally for agencies, education institutions like museums, theatre, live acts and brands. I mainly do a lot of boring agency work. From design art direction and web, to animation. I teach 3D animation to design studios and students. On the other hand, I interact with visual artists and the live act industry to see in what ways technology and new media can be involved in their performances or installations. I also give talks at design festivals and so on.

Adrian Alva - The Jellyfish Act

Novedge: I am a big fan of The Jellyfish Act Blog: how did it start?

Adrian Alva:While developing my animation skills I decided I needed a place  to store my digital findings. I decided to use Facebook for that purpose. It started as “UNHEALTHY CULTURE” basically an arts and motion blog where all the content came from those who followed. The blog started growing but I thought it was too diverse. I then decided to focus only in motion graphics, where I saw a prosperous industry, yet diverse and spreading widely.  Therefore in May 2011 in Barcelona, Spain, where I was at the moment, I decided to launch the first version of The Jellyfish Act on Posterous (a now extinct blogging platform bought by Twitter). Then, on May 2013, I re-launched the blog with a new image and a wider structure.

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Novedge: How much time do you spend researching and curating the blog?

Adrian Alva:Many people ask me this, and I have to say, I am looking for new content all the time!  Every new project I’m working on, I need to do research for. While doing that, I find new artists, new studios and new resources, and I want to somehow save all of them. It's true that with the new platform my researching has been scaling to fit the needs of our readers, but also contributors are helping me out with their submissions and suggestions.

Novedge: What are three of your favorite videos from all the ones you showcased on your blog?

Adrian Alva:Time Warp by Uirá Lamour


The recently posted Magma by The Vein


and everything done by KORB


Novedge: The Jellyfish Act is not just a blog, but your own business. What is a recent project that you worked on?

Adrian Alva:More than a business is an Identity, and I have to say I have a few but those can remain silent for now. I love that Internet and knowledge can give you access to create alter egos of yourself. Even aliases that many would think don’t meet your own profile, but that’s what I like! You can now build an image of whatever thing you have in mind. If you’re skillful and have a team of talented people, you can achieve any look out there.


I’m also working on an a personal installation. To be honest, my first as an author. Soon I’ll send some pics of the work in progress, and eventually a video, behind the scenes and all related. It will be launched hopefully in September, and all The Jellyfish Act’s passions will go into it. A new media piece with sound reactive particles, projections and jello!

Novedge: What software do you use?

Adrian Alva:After Effects, Cinema 4D, Softimage Xsi specially Lagoa and Ice, RealFlow, plugins by Red Giant, Processing, Maxmsp, Modul8, Resolume AV, Quartz Composer, Kinect  and Wii hacks, and basically anything out there related. I had a strong approach to Blender and Maya but I'm happy now with Cinema 4D. As a digital maker, the more software you can handle, the better.

Novedge: What are some of the rewards and challenges of owning your own business?

Adrian Alva:Rewards, well, The Jellyfish Act has given me the opportunity to interact with the biggest names in the industry. I am still learning but with the help of all those above me I am growing a lot. They know who I am, they believe in my project, and, I bet, I’ll be collaborating with many of them in the near future. Challenges: I need to keep up with all the artists I’m showcasing. Very tough!

Novedge: What is the best advice you have ever received?

Adrian Alva:Don’t give up and share!

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