Test Drive the Best CAD Workstations

June 02, 2020 3 min read

Test Drive the Best CAD Workstations-NOVEDGE

Have you ever considered upping your CAD game? Would the investment yield return?  You can now "Test Drive" High Speed Computing's custom CAD Workstations remotely and experience first hand the improvements in your workflow and productivity.

Here's how it works:

  1. Call 866-362-8970 or email sales@novedge.comto set up a consultation with High Speed's workstation builders. Make sure you list all your requirements and specifications for your hardware's best performance (no request is off the charts).
  2. Once the machine is ready, you will be able to access it from your remote location using Microsoft Remote Desktop and test its power.
  3. If you are 100% satisfied with the performance, you can purchase the workstation and we will proceed with the shipment. 

A professional CAD Workstation will quickly pay for itself in increased productivity. 


Anyone can purchase an off-the-shelf Personal Computer (PC) from a local store or even from the comfort of their couch through an online retailer. And a reasonably configured PC for less than $1,000 will run your CAD software, right? So why should you buy a CAD Workstation instead?

Let’s break down all the elements that make a CAD Workstation the right choice for professional design software users.


Reliability is a crucial aspect of productivity. High Speed Computing builds CAD workstations only from top quality components and designs them for maximum reliability, not just speed. Minimizing downtime is a key advantage of running a professional CAD Workstation instead of a PC built for consumers with low cost components.


CAD software is computationally intensive and can take advantage of all the advanced features that modern high-end CPUs and motherboards offer. High clock speed, multithreading, and multiple cores can significantly speed up calculations therefore reducing design cycles. Complex modeling operations, realistic rendering, and simulations will perform significantly faster on a professional CAD workstation then they do on a consumer PC. The benefits of getting results sooner and being able to develop more design variants in the same time are obvious.
Furthermore, CAD Workstations come with more memory and expandability than consumer PCs allowing for the handling of very large data sets that are now very common.


CAD Workstations are equipped with advanced cooling systems that allow for sustained use at peak CPU load without overheating electronic components to improve overall performance and reliability.
For even higher performance, CAD Workstations can be overclocked (i.e., run at a higher clock speed than the standard one) and equipped with a liquid cooling system that prevents overheating therefore retaining maximum reliability at a higher performance level. 


The demands of CAD and graphics software far exceed the capabilities of consumer PCs graphics systems. Very large 3D models require specialized graphics cards that can sustain real time interaction and reliable dedicated software drivers optimized for CAD to prevent malfunctioning or even computer crashes. Furthermore, an increasing number of simulation software products can take advantage of dedicated graphics hardware to speed up computation adding to the benefits of running a specialized CAD Workstations.


Today’s CAD datasets tend to be very large and mechanical hard drives typically found in consumer PCs which are a well-known cause of poor performance when loading/saving CAD data. Specialized CAD workstations come with Solid State Drives (SSD) that dramatically improve performance when dealing with stored data. Reliability is also greatly enhanced because SSDs are solid state electronic components that are significantly less prone to failure than mechanical hard drives. And as an added benefit SSDs contribute in making the computer quieter because they have no moving parts.


In addition to all the technological benefits to productivity that CAD Workstations offer, High Speed Computing offers complete product customization. Your workstation will be designed and built based on your specific needs, requirements, and budget. Our experts will help you navigate the complexity of configuring a Workstation that maximizes the performance of your software at the right price. BID245_1000

High Speed Pre-Configured Workstations

Gold 3D Workstation

Silver 3D Workstation

Platinum 3D Workstation

Quoting Ken Olsen:  "Software comes from heaven when you have good hardware".  Novedge is now pleased to provide both tools.

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