Specials and New Releases – May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016 4 min read

Complimentary copy of Bluebeam Revu Standard to everyone who purchases  a new seat of Vectorworks with Vectorworks Service Select. Plus other incredible offers for AutoCAD LT and Autodesk LT products and a special pre-sale promotion  on RealFlow for Cinema4D.  There is really no time to waste and no time to nap.  



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SKU12813_1000Twinmotion is a visualization and 3D immersion software dedicated to architecture, urban planning and landscaping. It includes an updated library.

Argon v9

Argon v9is a powerful 3D Modeling for occasional users on Win and Mac. Intended for those who only occasionally need 3D, Argon v9's hybrid solid and surface modeling capabilities provide unmatched flexibility in shape design with data accuracy that meets or exceeds any other software in this industry, thereby easing data translations and collaboration. 

Cobalt v9 plus Graphite v10

Cobalt v9 plus Graphite v10 is an advanced Variational 3D Modeling for Windows and Mac. It gives designers, engineers, and inventors a completely integrated set of tools for 2D/3D sketching, concept development, visualization, photo-realistic rendering, and precision engineering drawings. Cobalt v9 Solo  and Graphite v10 are also available individually.

Xenon v9 Solo

Xenon v9 Solo provides 3D modeling power and finesse without constraints. You can also get Xenon v9 plus Graphite v10, especially developed for creative professionals producing designs with a high degree of artistic value, customization, and complex shapes.


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Buy Vectorworks + VSS and get a FREE copy of Bluebeam Revu Standard

VW+Bluebeam BlogPurchase a new seat of Vectorworks with Vectorworks Service Select and receive a free copy of Bluebeam Revu Standard 2016, valued at $274!

Call (800) 362-8970 or email vwpromo@novedge.com to take advantage of this offer.

RealFlow | Cinema 4D Presale 

RealFlow+C4DRealFlow for Cinema 4D is coming this June! Purchase now RealFlow for Cinema 4Dand save $200!


To see a complete list of new and current specials, including all Autodesk promotions, click here.

Save up to 50% off AutoCAD LT or an Autodesk LT family (BOGO/ROGO).

SP672_v2Customers who buy a new annual or multi-year subscription contract for eligible AutoCAD LT or LT Familyproducts between May 7, 2016 and – July 22, 2016 (dates inclusive) are eligible to receive a discount of up to 50% off the SRP of an additional annual subscription of AutoCAD LT or LT Family. For a list of all the products included in this special click here.

Call 866-362-8970 for new 2- and 3-year term subscriptions and to add all those extra tools to your software toolbox.

Autodesk New Subscription Multi–Year Offer

New and existing Autodesk customers are eligible to receive up to 5% off the price of a new 2-year subscription and 10% off the price of a new 3-year subscription. This offer
includes all these products within AutoCAD Subscriptions, Autodesk subscriptions, Autodesk Suites and Autodesk LT subscriptions (including LT Suites).

SimLab Composer 7 Upgrade Promo

SP670SimLab Composer version 7is out! Upgrade your older version now and receive a 60% discount when you upgrade from version 6, or 30% if you upgrade from older versions.

SimLab Composer 7 New License Promo

Purchase Composer 7 Mechanical or Composer 7 ProEditions now, and receive a 30% discount.

SpaceMouse Enterprise Launch Offer

Space Mouse Enterprise PromoSpaceMouse Enterprise draws its style and power from our award-winning SpaceMouse Pro and SpacePilot Pro 3D mice. But like all once-in-a-generation legends, it builds on the past to reinvent the future. Purchase SpaceMouse Enterprise now and save $40!

V-Ray for NUKE – Bundle Offer

V-Ray for Nuke bundleFor a limited time, special pricing is available on V-Ray 3.3 for NUKE bundled with V-Ray for Maya or 3ds Max. Now you have access to the full line-up of V-Ray 3.3 features straight inside of NUKE, including GPU-accelerated rendering, VR cameras, and final frame rendering. Preview, instance, transform and control V-Ray scene files from other artists with perfect parity, whether they're using V-Ray for 3ds Max or Maya.

3D PDF Pro — Get your discounted copy now!

SP6673D PDF Pro is the easiest way to create 3D PDF technical documentation. This is an amazing deal, check it out!

Complete BIM Revit Solution

SP666Save over 35% on this BIM bundle that fully integrates with Revit 2014, 2015 and 2016. With the CGS Revit Tools and 3D PDF Converter for Revit you will get: BIM Manager for Productivity Enhancement, 3D PDF Exporter for Easy Design Sharing, Excel Data Exchange for Project Verification, 1 Year License with all updates and support, 1 easy price $179 USD. 

Vectorworks Service Select Renewal

Vectorworks Service Selectprovides you with invaluable additional benefits like free upgrades, free premium support, free training and free online access to a knowledge web-portal. If you purchased Vectorworks Service Select prior to version 2014, call (866) 362-8970 x704 for a better price.  


Wednesday Webinar: Character Animation Goes Live5-18
Live animation pioneer Gary Jesch brings 3D characters to life in real time, using his 3D Digital Puppeteer, so they can interact with audiences at special events, theme parks and one day, VR live experiences. No facial mocap needed, just a microphone and a pen tablet.

The webinar is free and will last about one hour, including the Q & A session.

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