Specials and New Releases – March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014 3 min read

Here are all the week's product announcements. Enjoy!


Bluebeam Revu 12

Bluebeam Revu 12 - Blog

Revu 12 has finally arrived, and it's available in the usual Standard, CAD and eXtreme. This new version gives you more control with features such as daily email summaries. It also includes the ability to hand over control to trusted users,  and helps you save time with Batch Link in eXtreme.

Here's a quick and helpful video that mentions all the new features you can expect in Revu 12.

And if you missed our webinar, take a look at this one hour episode that showcases all that's new in Bluebeam Revu 12.

VisualXPORT for SolidWorks

Are you a user of VisualCAM, VisualMill and Solidworks? Check out VisualXPORT from Mecsoft. It is hosted entirely in Solidworks and it allows for the export of part of or all file geometry to VisualCAM.  Furthermore it makes it possible to import .sldprt files into VisualMill. 

ZW3D 2014

ZW3D 2014 is out today. This new version offers many improvements to improve your design process and reduce costs.  For more information, visit the product pages for the Standard, Professionaland Premium versions.

SketchUp 2014

I usually blog only about software we carry (which includes almost all CAD software), but I know many of you use at least the free version of SketchUp. As the new version came out, take a moment to explore plugins and compatibility with other software you use. Here's our list of selected products compatible with SketchUp


Save on formZ 7 Multiple Licenses

If you need multiple licenses of formZ 7 or formZ Render Zone Bundle (which includes photorealistic rendering), now is the time to call us to get a custom quote and save some cash. 

Vue 2014

If you are looking to upgrade or sidegrade Vue, we can help. You can also save if you add Vue's standard or premium maintenance. Simply click here for a list of products which qualify for this offer and call us for a custom quote.

Marvelous Designer 3 Upgrade Promotion

Do you still use Marvelous Designer 2, and are looking to upgrade? If you didn't purchase maintenance and support, you can now save 50% when you upgrade to Marvelous Designer 3. You need to have an active license to take advantage of this offer.

JTB FlexReport

You can already save on JTB FlexReport 1-10 License on our website, but we can offer you even bigger savings if you are purchasing more licenses. Give us a call and we will put together a custom quote for you.


AutoCAD LT Multiple License Packs

It must be the season..here's one more offer to save on multiple licenses, this time for AutoCAD LT. Check what products qualify for the 5-license and the 10-license offer. You could save thousands of dollars.

Autodesk Free Subscription

Autodesk is also offering a mail in rebate that would basically make sure your subscription is free. I recommend being on subscription, and this might be a way to jump on it if you are looking to purchase an new license of AutoCAD LT. Here's the full list of qualifying products.


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Novedge Webinar Series - Blog

If you haven't yet, head over to our website and subscribe to our weekly webinar series. At the end of each week, we will email you a reminder of our Wednesday webinar. Our weekly webinar series is a great way to discover new software, learn new tools and keep up to date with the latest in CAD software.

Women and Architecture

To celebrate International Women's Day, we hosted a panel on Women in Architecture. We heard from Marica McKeel (chosen by you!), Katherine Darnstadt and Kimberly Dowdell on the hurdles women face and the actions they can take to have a thriving career as architects. Check out the recording below.

Looking for more?

You can find our previous posts here to make sure you didn't miss any of our past announcements.



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