Pioneers in 3D Printing : Four Stories

July 25, 2014 2 min read

Recently we added MakerBot's 3D printers to our online catalog. As all technologies becoming mainstream, it's important to take advantage of them while they are still relatively new to maximize your chances of success. Here are four examples of entrepreneurs who recognized the potential of 3D printing right away and built lucrative businesses around it.


Rhino Designed Cake Toppers

Kyle and Liz von Hasseln decided to use their background in architectural design to start Sugar Lab, a company that 3D prints beautifully intricate cake toppers. Not only they grew their micro business to success, they ended up selling it to 3D Systems. Read my interview with Liz here.


Bigger is Better

Do you want to help the world and use your engineering skills at the same time? Why not build a giant 3D printer? Samantha Snabes crowdfunded and built the Gigabot with her fellow cofounders last year.  Here's more about her amazing journey from Austin, Texas, to Santiago, Chile.

What's Important is Participation

Chris Anderson is arguably one of the most influential writers of everything tech. We asked him to share his thoughts on 3D printing, the Maker Movement and the democratization of manufacturing. Read his interview here. Hint: he loves MakerBot!

Chris retouched - New Blog

3D Printed Food

Would you like to skip some of the cooking and baking tonight? The future is here with Foodini, a 3D printer for food. This is definitely not your parents' kitchen appliance! Read our interview with Lynette Kucsma, cofounder of Natural Machines, here. 

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