Novedge Webinar #107: Jewelry Design with RhinoGold 4.0 – Q&A with Pedro Loureiro

March 20, 2014 3 min read

As always, the team at TDM Solutions lead a great webinar on RhinoGold. If you are a jewelry designer, I hope you had a chance to watch it live. But no worries if you missed the live broadcast: the recording is online and you can watch it anytime.

Not all questions could be answered last week, so Pedro Loureiro sent us the missing answers. Here they are.

Q: Can you show how you would fillet the top edge of the ring?

A: Under the modeling tab in the Fillet submenu with the Variable Fillet tool, then just select the edges to be fillet

Q: What command did you use to fill the hole of the naked edge?

A: The '_FillMeshHoles' command.

Q: What's the plus icon for? Where can I find it?

A: The plus icon "+" is inside Pave Parameters at the right of the screen.

Q: How do you initiate each operation prior to making the profile curve in Clayoo?

A: The profile curve is generated as a normal Rhino curve.

Q: Can you use RhinoEmboss for non-planar surfaces?

A: Yes sure, in fact we have some tutorial to model some ring parts with RhinoEmboss, if you want to take a look they are here.

Q: Does the pave in preset look as good as hand settings?

A: Yes

Q: Can you change the parameters once you solidify the model?

A: Just select the mesh and click on the first button, the "Big ON/OFF" button of Clayoo tab. You can go back to the Clay Edit mode once the model is a mesh.

Q: Is there a library available with premade models for use as a starting point?

A: No, but you can define your own library

Q: Why does RhinoEmboss convert to mesh? You lose the ability to model in NURBS once you do that, right?

A: You can generate Mesh or NURBs. Click on Settings and select the desired options.

Q: Is the report able to remember what time you use for the ring?

A: Yes it does. You have a scheduler, and you can set a price per hour if you want to add to the total.

Q: Can you get pennyweights as a unit of measure in RhinoGold?

A: Yes just change it in the settings.

Q: Can you work within Rhino 5's interface and keep the tool bar for RhinoGold on always? Also for Solidscape it's a .SLC file you need to save as.

A: Yes sure, you can work in Rhino UI if you prefer, SolidScape printers also work well with .STL files.

Q: Can you enable hot keys for different commands in Clayoo?

A: Yes! Rhino allows you to define short keys inside Options. There you can set the shortcut as you want.

Q: Is there a subdivide function for multiple faces?

A: Yes, you can subdivide all the models if you want, using the Divide tool!

Q: How is the bracelet converted into a prototype (3d printed)?

A: For any RhinoGold object you can create a STL file to send to your 3D Printer. In the manufacturing tab, you can find the first icon called STL Wizard.

Q: Pedro mentioned the "middle button" which activated another menu of options. I'm not clear how he did that.

A: Yes, just press the middle mouse button or type _RhinoGoldMiddleButton

Q: How can RhinoGold calculate the weight of that NFL pendant? In 14 carat?

A: In Analyze tab, you have the icon Weight Metal. Another option is in File > Report

Q: Yes, but there are multiple links in the bracelet. How does RhinoGold handle that?

A: STL file supports multiple objects. I think you need to add some bridges, because if you print directly, the printer will create one object, and we need movement.

Get your copy of RhinoGold and Clayoo at Novedge. And check out the Novedge Webinar Series for future episodes.

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