Maxon Unveils Red Giant 2024 Update with New Bokeh Tools, Enhanced Color Management, and Cloud Capsule Support

January 19, 2024 3 min read

Maxon Unveils Red Giant 2024 Update with New Bokeh Tools, Enhanced Color Management, and Cloud Capsule Support

Maxon's commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital content creation space has once again been underscored with the recent announcement of the Red Giant 2024 update. This extensive update is designed to empower editors, filmmakers, compositors, and visual effects artists with new tools and enhancements that elevate the creative process and streamline workflows.

The latest update to Maxon's Red Giant offers significant improvements and new features that cater to the ever-evolving demands of content creators. Notably, Universe, the comprehensive toolkit for editors and compositors, now includes two new bokeh tools. These tools simplify the task of applying cinematic bokeh effects, allowing artists to replicate the depth of field and focus techniques that were once only achievable through complex camera lens setups.

The first of these, the Bokeh plugin, provides a user-friendly interface for creating customizable bokeh effects. Artists can now simulate depth of field with ease, adjust focus length, and introduce custom blur maps and depth maps to perfect the illusion of a shallow or variably focused scene. Furthermore, the introduction of the Bokeh Transition tool lets artists craft stunning de-focus transitions between clips, adding a touch of elegance and narrative cohesion to their projects.

These Universe enhancements benefit from the improved performance framework that Maxon has developed, promising a more responsive and real-time experience that will extend to other Universe products in forthcoming releases.

Color grading is an essential component of post-production, and Maxon has reimagined this process with their update to Magic Bullet Looks. The reworked color management integration simplifies the process for artists, allowing for quicker achievement of the desired visual tone and style. Furthermore, the enhancements in Unreal Engine integration facilitate a more seamless utilization of Magic Bullet Looks with the cutting-edge game engine, broadening creative possibilities.

The updates to VFX Real Lens Flares introduce the much-anticipated obscuration feature and a new Light Ball core projection option. Obscuration enables flares and reflections to interact with on-screen elements more naturally, mimicking the behavior of actual lens phenomena. The Light Ball core projection adds a tangible presence to flares, ideal for simulating sunlight or the glow of artificial lights within a scene.

Tracking and cloning tasks receive a substantial boost in efficiency with the new Tracker-Only mode in VFX Spot Clone Tracker. This feature streamlines the interface for After Effects users by spotlighting only the essential tracking controls. With additional tools like Create Null and Clear Track buttons, along with a single slider to adjust shape roundness, artists are equipped with more control and flexibility for cloning tasks.

Maxon's commitment to performance is evident in the updates to Trapcode, which now boasts optimized multi-frame rendering across multiple threads. The new asset browser refresh opens a portal to Maxon Cloud Capsule Service, allowing artists to easily access an ever-expanding library of sprites, models, curves, and gradients. The addition of new sprite categories for emojis and pixel art is a nod to modern visual styles and social media trends.

With these updates, Maxon not only enhances the capabilities of its existing suite but also ensures artists have access to the most advanced tools and assets to bring their creative visions to life. The Red Giant 2024 update represents a leap forward for professionals in the digital content industry, offering efficiency, versatility, and the power to create stunning visual content.

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