Exploring the Latest Features of Chaos Vantage 2 Update 4: Cylindrical Decals, UDIM Support, and Enhanced Workflow

May 21, 2024 3 min read

Exploring the Latest Features of Chaos Vantage 2 Update 4: Cylindrical Decals, UDIM Support, and Enhanced Workflow

Exploring the Latest Features of Chaos Vantage 2 Update 4

The recent update to Chaos Vantage, version 2 update 4, marks another significant leap forward in real-time rendering capabilities. One of the standout features in this update is the introduction of decal projection that supports cylindrical mapping, enabling artists to apply graphics to complex surfaces seamlessly. This functionality is particularly beneficial for labeling and branding items that are not flat, such as bottles, cans, and jars.

By using the cylindrical projection decal feature, users can intuitively wrap graphics around a curved surface, tweaking the decal's projection until it aligns perfectly with the object's curvature. This means fewer steps in the design process and an elimination of the need to manually adjust textures in external applications, thus saving time and reducing complexity.

Enhanced UV Mapping and Texturing with UDIM Support

Another crucial enhancement is Vantage's support for UDIM textures, which will revolutionize the UV mapping and texturing workflows for 3D artists. UDIM is a method that allows for multiple texture tiles to be used for a single model, enabling much higher resolution textures without the constraints of traditional UV mapping techniques. Now, Chaos Vantage can render UDIMs, making it much easier for professionals to manage and apply high-resolution textures across complex models.

Why Chaos Vantage is a Game-Changer for Your Workflow

Chaos Vantage is designed to improve the workflow of creative professionals significantly. For those already using V-Ray, Chaos Vantage takes the projects to the next level by transforming them into real-time, immersive experiences without additional effort. It allows users to engage with their designs in a highly interactive environment, exploring spaces, materials, and lighting conditions accurately.

The application automatically syncs through live linking, expediting previsualization setup and rendering, while effortlessly integrating changes back into primary 3D creation software. This not only speeds up project completion time but also enhances the quality of previsualization animations, aiding critical decision-making processes.

Chaos Vantage enables V-Ray users to reduce the time spent on feedback iterations with clients and supervisors. The immediate interactivity facilitates spontaneous presentations and in-depth discussions of design variations directly in front of customers. By avoiding multiple back-and-forth iterations, Chaos Vantage streamlines communication and helps convey the project's narrative more effectively.

System Requirements to Unleash the Power of Chaos Vantage

To ensure smooth operation of Chaos Vantage, users must meet certain system requirements. A Windows 10 with Update 2004 or newer is required, alongside a DXR compatible NVIDIA or AMD GPU, limited to a maximum of two GPUs. For NVIDIA GPUs, an RTX series or newer is necessary with driver 515 or newer, although driver 530 or newer is recommended. For AMD GPUs, an RX 6000 series or newer is suitable. Additionally, system RAM should be equal to or exceed the GPU memory, with a minimum of 8GB RAM essential for adequate performance.


The latest update to Chaos Vantage is a testament to the continuous evolution of rendering technology, offering features that streamline the creative process and enhance the overall experience for designers and their clients. By offering support for cylindrical decals and UDIM textures, Chaos Vantage strengthens its role as a pivotal tool in the visualization field.

If you are interested in exploring the newest and most advanced design software technology, including Chaos Vantage and its compatible products, do not hesitate to contact our sales team at NOVEDGE. With our expertise and extensive product range, we are dedicated to equipping professionals with the tools they need to bring their innovative visions to life.

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