Do You Qualify for One of These Cinema 4D Discounts?

October 24, 2014 2 min read

Here at Novedge we talk to a lot of design professionals every day. I know most of you are freelancers, or small business owners. Some of you manage larger companies or you are hiring more staff for the first time. Whatever your situation, budget is probably tighter that you wish it was and you still need to get all the software you need to stay competitive and relevant in your industry.


So, if you have decided that it is time to buy a new license of  CINEMA 4D, read this blog post before charging your credit card! The following discounts are available all year round when purchasing CINEMA 4D: don't forget to ask for them.

After Effects Discount

If you are looking for CINEMA 4D, chances are you already own Adobe After Effects. Did you know that alone qualifies you for a discount on CINEMA 4D Studio R16 and CINEMA 4D Broadcast R16? You will save $200 and $100 respectively.

CINEMA 4D Studio R16After Effects Creative Cloud Sidegrade  
CINEMA 4D Broadcast R16After Effects Creative Cloud Sidegrade

Competitive Discount

Are you buying C4D for the government, a non-profit organization, do you already own a license of CINEMA 4D or another 3D application? If you answered yes just once, you qualify for a discount! Yep, it's that easy. Qualifying for a Competitive Discount will save you $200 on C4D Studio or Visualize R16, and $100 on Broadcast or Prime R16.

CINEMA 4D Prime R16Competitive Sidegrade
CINEMA 4D Broadcast R16Competitive Sidegrade
CINEMA 4D Visualize R16Competitive Sidegrade
CINEMA 4D Studio R16Competitive Sidegrade
BodyPaint 3D R16Competitive Sidegrade

Multi-license Discount

If you already own two CINEMA 4D R16 licenses or are buying 3 or more, you qualify for the Multi-license Discount now and on all future purchases.You will save $400 on C4D Studio R16, $500 on Visualize R16, and $200 on Prime or Broadcast R16.

CINEMA 4D Prime R16 – Multi-License Discount – 3 Seats Required
CINEMA 4D Broadcast R16 - Multi-License Discount – 3 Seats Required
CINEMA 4D Visualize R16 - Multi-License Discount – 3 Seats Required
CINEMA 4D Studio R16 - Multi-License Discount– 3 Seats Required

Educational to Commercial License

Last but not least, there's a discount for those of you who need to upgrade from an educational to a commercial license. The CINEMA 4D Studio R16 Service Agreement Bundle Upgrade from Educational  comes with a Cineversity Premium Annual Account, and upgrades for one year.

CINEMA 4D Studio R16 - Upg from Educational – Incl. Cineversity Premium + Upgrades for 1 year

And remember, on top of all these specials and discounts you will also receive Novedge's 5% discount and zero sales taxes. 

Do you have more questions? Leave a comment, send an email, or give us a call at 866-362-8970. We'd love to help you maximize your savings. 

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