Discover What's New: A Sneek Peek of Autodesk Inventor 2024's Latest Features

April 07, 2023 3 min read

Discover What's New: A Sneek Peek of Autodesk Inventor 2024's Latest Features

Experience a better design process with Inventor 2024's exciting new features and enhancements! From improved 3D annotations to streamlined 2D drawings, the engineering workflows just got a speed boost.


    Here's a list of Inventor's new features:




      Section View
      Incorporating user feedback, Autodesk Inventor 2024 offers enhanced section view management. Users can now easily modify or suppress section views directly from the design view representation. Additionally, users have greater control over end cap previews while dragging section view planes. For optimal performance, the end cap preview will be disabled by default for assemblies with 500 or more parts.
      Inventor Studio will render images up to 16K x 16K resolution, depending on what your graphics card supports.
      Custom Environment Image Support
      The workflow for using custom HDR and EXR images with IBL lighting styles is much improved and is supported for both CPU and GPU ray tracing.
      Support for IBL Backgrounds
      GPU ray tracing now supports rendering with IBL backgrounds.
      Perspective With Ortho Faces as the Default
      It is now possible to set “Perspective With Ortho Faces” as the default view setting in both Document Settings and Application options.


      Parameters Window
      The parameter window extends export functionality to text and boolean parameters in the user parameters section.  This allows us to access parameters in other places, such as the iProperties where we can insert them as part of a live description, or simply display them in the custom iProperties tab.

      Mark feature
      In addition to being able to etch in three different directions, there are now two different marking methods.
       - Project will apply the mark across all faces in it’s path, even if they are not coplanar.
      - Now the mark is able to wrap around corners or be applied to curved geometry such as shafts or cylinders.


      Model-Based Definition
      The new enhancements for Model-based Definition including linear dimension, that can now be specified as an envelope requirement, expanded the annotation scales, profile annotation, and the ability to extract 3D annotations from a part contained in an assembly file.

      Weld symbol
      In inventor 2024 you can now add welding PMI information to your designs.


      Revision Cloud
      Revision clouds are full-fledged Inventor objects and no longer in the SDK. A Since they are sketch-based, they can be edited either in their cloud state or from the sketch.

      Edge Symbol
      The new Edge Symbol command is added to the Symbols panel of the Annotate tab as well as the drawing Style and Standard Editor.


      With Inventor 2024, working with Vault has never been easier. New functions added to iLogic allow Inventor to check out, get files, search Vault, and much more as part of your automations. Vault code snippets added to the editor make it easy to quickly get started.


      With access to manual inspection added to Fusion 360 tools, now  you can send a part (.ipt) file from within Inventor to Fusion 360 and create manual inspection tasks.
      Furthermore, if a change has occurred in the Inventor model state or design view used for a Fusion 360 export, you are notified that the Inventor model and Fusion 360 model are out of sync and are given the option to update the Fusion 360 model before opening it.



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