Discover the Power of Thea Render 4.0: New Nitro Engine and Enhanced User Experience

May 24, 2024 3 min read

Discover the Power of Thea Render 4.0: New Nitro Engine and Enhanced User Experience

The realm of 3D rendering is perpetually evolving, with technological advances driving the industry towards ever-greater levels of realism and efficiency. It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce the latest milestone in this relentless progression, Version 4.0 of Thea Render. This release heralds not just a significant upgrade to the software's capabilities but also the debut of the new Nitro engine—a powerhouse of rendering performance designed to leave the competition in the dust. 

The Nitro engine represents a groundbreaking development in Thea Render's technology, built entirely from the ground up to exploit the full potential of hardware ray tracing cores. The Nitro engine is a paradigm shift in rendering speed, offering performance that is leagues ahead of the previous Thea Render Presto engine. Compatibility with a wide range of hardware gives users flexibility, supporting modern NVidia, AMD, and Intel discrete GPUs, as well as Apple Silicon GPUs, for unparalleled interactivity and speed. 

In addition to the Nitro engine, users will encounter a completelyreworked user interfacein Thea Render Version 4.0. The interface now provides a seamless and integrated experience, available in both dark and light themes to cater to individual preferences. This redesigned user interface enhances usability, streamlining the rendering process and making it not only more efficient but also more enjoyable. 

For artists and designers who rely on Thea Render for detailed natural environments, the new scattering tool is a game-changer. With this tool, creating vast grass fields and distributing intricate assemblies of plants and trees becomes a task of ease and precision. The ability to populate scenes with natural elements realistically contributes to Thea Render's promise of enhanced creativity and fun. 

The introduction offur strands adds another layer of realism to renderings. This feature allows surfaces to be covered with fur, creating lifelike representations of rugs, cloth, and other materials. The addition of fur enhances the textural depth and tactile quality of rendered objects, pushing the boundaries of visual appeal. 

Incorporating a modern approach to materials, Thea Render Version 4.0 introduces a new material editor that is compliant with physically based rendering (PBR) standards and supports the metallic/roughness workflow. This development simplifies the process of creating realistic materials and integrates seamlessly with today's most popular digital content creation tools.

Moreover, Thea Render now includes the ability to addtonemapping variance to a scene. By varying bitmap tonemapping parameters such as saturation, hue, and gamma, users can introduce subtle differences using a single material, enriching the scene with greater depth and a more natural appearance. 

The integration ofIntel® Open Image Denoise, now GPU accelerated, ensures that Thea Render's Nitro engine can produce stunning noise-free images with minimal render times. This cutting-edge denoising technology enhances the interactivity of the rendering process, allowing for real-time adjustments and immediate visual feedback.

The pre-release version is currently available for users with an active license.

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