Discover the Enhanced Features of Lands Design 6: Intuitive Interface, Rhino Plugin Integration, and Advanced Design Tools

April 30, 2024 3 min read

Discover the Enhanced Features of Lands Design 6: Intuitive Interface, Rhino Plugin Integration, and Advanced Design Tools

User-Friendly Interface

Experience the streamlined user interface of Lands Design 6. This version delivers a refined ribbon and a more straightforward interface, providing an intuitive experience for both new and seasoned users. With a logically arranged and easily accessible suite of tools, you can enjoy a fluid design process that enhances productivity.

Option to Operate as a Rhino Plugin

Lands Design 6 caters to Rhino enthusiasts by offering the capability to function as a plugin, maintaining the familiarity of the Rhino interface. This seamless integration means when you launch Rhino, Lands Design is right there within the interface, ready to assist you in bringing your landscape visions to life.

Display New Features

Viewport and Detail Display
Lands Design now allows for simultaneous 2D and 3D visualization, providing flexibility in the design process. View your design concept in 2D on one viewport while inspecting the 3D model on another, facilitating better design comprehension and presentation.

Plant Display Options
Customize your plant displays with unique per-viewport settings for both 2D and 3D modes. This feature enables you to visualize realistic plants on one viewport while seeing conceptual representations on another, optimizing the design process for various project stages and client presentations.

Enhanced Planting Plan Features

New Crown Blocks
Lands Design 6 introduces aesthetically pleasing 2D crown blocks with gradient hatches, enriching the visual quality of your planting plans. Control Crown Hatch Visibility
With ease, you can toggle crown hatch visibility across the entire document or for specific plant species, allowing you to achieve the desired clarity and readability in your planting plans.

Merging Crowns
The new automatic merging feature for crown contours by species simplifies the creation of planting plans. This results in designs that are clearer and more efficient, facilitating a better understanding of plant groupings and distributions.

Terrain Enhancements

Terrain objects and operations have seen significant improvements, particularly in achieving crisp edges for actions like hole creation or cut and fill. Additional advancements include:

Creating Terrains from Mesh Objects
A highly requested feature by Rhino users, any mesh can now be transformed into RhinoLands terrain, enhancing the use of terrain tools and expanding design possibilities.

Introducing Inner Boundaries
Add inner boundaries to your terrain, similar to creating a hole but affecting the terrain's entire interior. This feature allows for intricate terrain detailing and the inclusion of water bodies or other elements within the area.

Improved Generation Performance
Terrain editing is now faster due to the implementation of result caching during edit operations, enhancing efficiency and saving valuable time.

Other Terrain New Features
Expect more reliable earthmoving operations and the ability to handle large input datasets with improved consolidation.

Option to Import 2D Roads

Enhance your designs by importing roads with the same tool used for terrain and buildings. Simply select the desired location on the map to begin the import process.

New Tools

Create Parametric Ramps
The new ramp tool in Lands Design 6 is a game-changer. It's intelligent, fully parametric, and offers a range of options for crafting the perfect ramp for your project.

Documentation Improvements

New Level Mark Object
The innovative Level Mark object smartly indicates elevation differences, complete with a selection of parametric symbols to convey this information accurately on plans.

Listing Additional Objects
Lands Design continues to advance its BIM capabilities by automating the quantification of walls, paths, and fences, enabling you to easily compile comprehensive lists for these elements within your project.

Irrigation Advancements

Pipe Network
The new pipe network command generates an optimal layout for your irrigation pipes automatically, connecting the chosen sprinklers and enhancing the efficiency of your irrigation system design.

Plant Database Enhancements

The plant database continually grows with each new version of Lands Design. The latest update adds 110 realistic plant files and 52 new species, totaling 8290 species. Plus, 13 existing realistic plant files have been updated with improved versions. A new command also allows for editing of database files beyond the active database, facilitating the sharing and importing of data.

Rhino 8 Support

Lands Design 6 is fully compatible with Rhino 8, allowing users to take advantage of the new features and enhancements offered by the latest version of Rhino.

In conclusion, Lands Design 6 presents a robust suite of enhanced features and new tools designed to revolutionize landscape design. From its user-friendly interface to its integration as a Rhino plugin, and advanced design tools, this latest version offers unparalleled efficiency and creativity. For more information about the newest and most advanced design software technology, contact our sales team at NOVEDGE.

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