Unveiling the Exciting Enhancements in BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS V11: A Guide to Smoother and More Efficient User Experience

December 11, 2023 3 min read

Unveiling the Exciting Enhancements in BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS V11: A Guide to Smoother and More Efficient User Experience


We're excited to present the noteworthy enhancements in BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS V11. The main focus is to optimize your user experience, whether it's for simple tasks like version migration or more complex design challenges. Regardless of your level of expertise, this latest iteration offers features that will significantly enhance your productivity. 

The Experience

The enhanced BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS V11 is tailored to provide a seamless workflow and introduce shortcuts for quicker task completion. The Advanced UI also gives you access to custom options to refine your toolpath to your liking. The new migration utility simplifies the transition to the latest versions or a new workstation. You can maintain all your settings, data, and libraries without having to copy them over manually. The Pack2Go utility is a favourite among our support and file-sharing customers, as it conveniently bundles your file with all associated machines, posts, and libraries. The introduction of contextual toolbars in the CAM and BobART Trees is another welcome feature that puts the most used items within easy reach. You can also add notes to your jobs, which can now be output in the code.

Tool Crib and Geometry Picking

The redesigned Tool Crib integrates the Tool Library within the same window, streamlining your workflow. It allows you to select multiple tools, drag them into the crib, and save them directly into the Tool Library. This multiple selection feature extends to your geometry picking lists, and your CAM Tree, Operation, or Tool Tree. Be sure to use the new "Avoid contact point on tip" option when adding your deburring operations for optimal efficiency and tool longevity.

Visual Organization and Machine Setup

Each feature type now comes with a unique icon that will aid in the visual organization of your trees. Upon completing your Machine Setup, you can copy the entire setup and paste it to recreate similar jobs in seconds, even between files.

Code Generation and Support

The code generation now supports helix output and 3D arcs, delivering precise code in the fewest lines possible. As always, our support customers can contact us anytime they encounter challenges, and when the need for training arises, we offer the best in the business.

Additional Features

This release also introduces several advanced features, including:
  • Remove stock pillars: A new option for the Advanced Rough Adaptive pattern that optimizes stock removal at a specific depth.
  • Shift distance: Allows you to dictate pass transitions, ensuring a smooth finish and prolonging tool life.
  • Custom approach: Gives you the ability to define the exact movements made to approach a cut, fostering precision and control.
  • Automatic tool contact point: Calculates the correct axial offset based on your tool shape, optimizing cut alignment and efficiency.
  • Support for unconnected surface finishing: Eliminates the need for multiple operations for unconnected surfaces, simplifying programming and boosting productivity.
  • Laser plasma waterjet–on/off: Introduces new blocks that automatically call on/off codes for laser, plasma, and waterjet machines.
  • Y-Axis facing: A new pole handling option in the Multiaxis Post page better supports Y-Axis facing for Mill Turn jobs and other multi-axis operations.
In today's fast-paced design environment, having the right tools is crucial. The enhancements in BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS V11 are designed to elevate your design capabilities and streamline your workflow. For more information about the latest and most advanced design software technology, contact our sales team at NOVEDGE.

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