Exploring the Latest Enhancements: BricsCAD (Windows) V24 Release Notes

December 11, 2023 3 min read

Exploring the Latest Enhancements: BricsCAD (Windows) V24 Release Notes

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BricsCAD V24 for Windows marks a significant evolution in the BricsCAD product line, offering a multitude of enhancements and fixes that cater to the diverse needs of the CAD community. BricsCAD V24 operates independently from previous releases, ensuring that users can transition smoothly without affecting existing workflows.

This new version encapsulates all BricsCAD editions—Shape, Lite, Pro, Mechanical, BIM, and Ultimate—under a single installer, simplifying the user experience. With BricsCAD V24, a BricsCAD Pro license or higher becomes a necessity for running compiled application programs (BRX), rendering, 3D modeling, and drawing view creation. This license tier also unlocks the full potential of deformable solid modeling and 3D Constraint systems, in addition to creating mechanical components (parts).

Moreover, BricsCAD Pro underpins the BIM and Mechanical products, which are integral to the suite. Civil engineering professionals will appreciate that a Pro license is now essential for the creation of Civil TIN surfaces, grading, and alignment, further solidifying BricsCAD as a comprehensive solution for civil design tasks.

BricsCAD Ultimate offers the full spectrum of BricsCAD capabilities in a single license, consolidating the versatility of BricsCAD into one powerful package. For developers, it's worth noting that V24 is compiled with Visual Studio 2019, and compatibility with C++ extension DLLs is contingent on the same platform toolset. This ensures seamless integration and functionality for custom applications built on the BricsCAD platform. The release notes for BricsCAD V24 detail the iterative nature of the product's development, with each major, minor, or maintenance release building upon the last.

These notes cover the extensive improvements and fixes in V24, which are based on the English language release. Bricsys encourages user feedback via Support Requests to continue refining BricsCAD. This culture of continuous improvement is a testament to Bricsys' commitment to listening to its user base and delivering a superior CAD experience.

Among the noteworthy improvements in BricsCAD V24.1.07, users will benefit from the introduction of the system variable 2DCONSTRAINTFLAGS, enhanced BIMPROPERTIES dialog capabilities, and refined IFC import functionality.

The 'Connect with nearest' option in TCONNECT, removal of the broken "Remove Vertex" tool from the Ribbon, and the resolution of interference by Point Clouds with commands like FILLET and CHAMFER are indicative of Bricsys' responsiveness to user needs.

BricsCAD V24 also shines in its handling of fixes. From addressing crashes related to the BLOCKCONVERT command to ensuring proper command line entry and COPYCLIP/PASTECLIP functionality, Bricsys has worked diligently to rectify issues across the board.

Further, the Drawing Explorer, installer localization, and a host of command-specific improvements show a dedication to refining every aspect of the user experience.

For developers, enhancements to BRX/.NET plugins, the .NET framework, and LISP stability underscore Bricsys’ dedication to supporting customization and extension of BricsCAD.

These improvements expand the scope of what can be achieved through BricsCAD, enabling tailored solutions and streamlined workflows. In conclusion, BricsCAD V24 for Windows represents a leap forward in CAD technology, delivering a robust platform for design, drafting, and engineering. Its focus on user feedback, compatibility, and continual enhancement makes it a compelling choice for industry professionals. Visit NOVEDGE for more information about the newest and most advanced design software technology, and feel free to contact our sales team at NOVEDGE for expert guidance and support.

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