Unveiling AutoCAD LT 2025

April 05, 2024 2 min read

Unveiling AutoCAD LT 2025

AutoCAD LT 2025 has arrived, bringing with it a suite of enhancements that promises to elevate the 2D drafting experience for professionals. The latest iteration of this essential software from Autodesk is centered on harnessing the power of performance and artificial intelligence to streamline workflows and optimize productivity. 

Core Performance & Drafting

Significant strides have been made with AutoCAD 2025 to expedite the process of opening files—a notable advancement that, fortunately, extends to AutoCAD LT 2025. This improvement is a critical step in bolstering productivity for all AutoCAD users. Accompanying this enhancement, updates to the familiar HATCH command have been made, allowing users to apply hatch patterns with custom boundaries post-command initiation. This includes drawing hatch textures along paths, thus expanding creative possibilities and refining the detailing process.

Smart Blocks 

Built upon the innovative Placement feature first seen in AutoCAD LT 2024, Smart Blocks is a testament to how Autodesk continues to leverage AI to enhance 2D drafting experiences. The new Smart Blocks: Search and Convert tool in AutoCAD LT 2025 allows users to swiftly organize geometry into blocks by searching drawings, selecting geometry, and highlighting all matching objects. Autodesk AI assists in converting these into block instances, thereby facilitating a more efficient workflow.

Activity Insight

Activity Insights is a new feature in AutoCAD LT 2025 that serves as a comprehensive resource for users to track and compare DWG versions. By integrating the capabilities of the former DWG History tool, Activity Insights allows for on-the-fly file comparisons from a new palette or directly from the Start Tab without opening a drawing.

ArcGIS® Basemaps

AutoCAD LT 2025 users now benefit from the integration of ArcGIS® Basemaps from Esri, which provides high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery, OpenStreetMaps, and a selection of map styles. This feature, accessible via the GEOLOCATION command, equips projects with precise real-world geographical context, enhancing the planning and presentation stages of design.

ArcGIS® Basemap styles in AutoCAD LT 2025

Get Started Today

Embark on the AutoCAD LT 2025 journey by launching the Autodesk Access application on your desktop. For those not yet subscribed, explore the new features with the free trials of AutoCAD 2025, AutoCAD LT 2025, and AutoCAD Web.

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