Unleashing Your Artistic Spirit with CrossGems: The Ultimate Jewelry Plugin for Rhinoceros 7.0 & Grasshopper

October 24, 2023 2 min read

Unleashing Your Artistic Spirit with CrossGems: The Ultimate Jewelry Plugin for Rhinoceros 7.0 & Grasshopper

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Designing intricate jewelry pieces requires a blend of creativity and precision, and CrossGems is an innovative plugin that perfectly unites these two aspects. This Rhinoceros 7.0 and Grasshopper plugin, with its standalone user interface (UI), provides a powerful platform for creating awe-inspiring jewelry designs that truly redefine artistry.

CrossGems' versatility stems from its exceptional features, including more than 100 tools for designing parametric models. Whether you're creating detailed gemstone settings or sculpting intricate metal frameworks, this plugin ensures accuracy and smooth workflow.

Refine Designs with Absolute Control

One striking feature within CrossGems is the ability to manage Boolean operations easily. This feature allows artists to remove any object used in a Boolean difference, such as cutters or holes, while keeping the full model parametric. The history panel offers all the control you need, ensuring a seamless design experience.

100% Parametric Tools for Endless Possibilities

The plugin's tools are 100% parametric for both Rhino and Grasshopper. Further, they can be combined with Rhino's History, offering endless design possibilities. This feature allows for a more efficient and flexible design process, as you can alter your design parameters at any stage without starting from scratch.

Intuitive and Powerful User Interface

CrossGems boasts an intuitive, modern, and clean standalone UI, optimizing space and making the software easy to navigate. This user-friendly interface ensures ergonomics in everyday use, providing a comfortable designing experience.

Fast & Reusable Design

The plugin's parametric design feature allows models to be reused, which dramatically reduces the workload when modifying any design. This feature also provides a platform for exploring all the possibilities that arise during the design process, making your workflow faster and more efficient.


Notably, CrossGems can read and edit gems from other software like Matrix, RhinoGold, and Panther. It also maintains full compatibility with Panther models, keeping the model 100% parametric. This compatibility feature adds to the plugin's flexibility, further enhancing its value for jewelry designers.

Gallery Presets

With gallery presets, you can store builder parameters to match any other target gems, rings, and other objects. This feature allows you to create a design library that you can refer to for future projects, enhancing productivity and design consistency.

Integrated Render Material Library

CrossGems also provides an integrated render material library, which makes it easy to set and change materials for metals, gems, or ground with just a few clicks. Its automatic conversion by Display Mode adapts these materials in real time for every rendering state, offering a seamless design-to-rendering process.

By leveraging these comprehensive features, CrossGems opens up a universe of possibilities for jewelry designers, helping you to awaken your artistic spirit and letting it shine through in your designs.

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