The Evolution and Future of Chaos Scatter: A Powerful Tool for Artists

October 16, 2023 2 min read

The Evolution and Future of Chaos Scatter: A Powerful Tool for Artists

Chaos Scatter: A Game-Changer in Creative Design

With the release of V-Ray 6, update 1 for Maya and Cinema 4D, Chaos Scatter has become a valuable tool for artists and creators to bring their visions to life. This dynamic instrument enables users to populate scenes with multiple objects, paving the way for captivating projects.

Understanding Chaos Scatter

Chaos Scatter offers an intuitive workflow for creating complex environments by procedurally instantiating and distributing millions of objects efficiently. Its scattering modes—Along Curves, On Surfaces, and in Bounding Boxes—combined with a plethora of customization options, allows users to fine-tune their projects to their creative needs. The feature can help in creating a vast jungle environment filled with exotic shrubs and flowers, a city landscape with many houses and parks, or even an army of gummy bears marching towards their next battle! Chaos Scatter is available in Corona for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D, and V-Ray for 3ds Max, SketchUp, Rhino, Revit, Maya, Cinema 4D, and Vantage.

The Evolution of Chaos Scatter

Initially developed as Corona Scatter in the Czech offices of Chaos, it aimed to simplify workflows for users who frequently needed to create vegetation, lawns, or pebbled pathways. However, as the demand grew from users of different platforms, Chaos Scatter evolved into its own independent product. The newest version of the software, V-Ray 6, promises faster start-up times and more efficient data handling, thanks to a new procedural approach that reduces the amount of data used. This translates to faster rendering times and quicker uploads to the Chaos Cloud.

Why Choose Chaos Scatter?

Chaos Scatter offers several advantages for artists and creators:
  • It comes included with Corona, V-Ray, and Vantage at no extra charge and without additional downloads.
  • The software has a gentle learning curve, making it accessible to artists at any level.
  • With in-house support, users can be confident of compatibility with V-Ray and other Chaos products.
  • Chaos Scatter offers many customization options, allowing it to fit any project's needs.
  • The tool can speed up workflows by enabling users to quickly populate scenes.
  • Efficient memory use allows artists to create millions of instances without worrying about running out of memory.
  • The software also offers presets to help jump-start projects.

Future Developments

The future of Chaos Scatter is promising. The development team is working on adding more features, such as the ability to paint scatter areas live in the 3D scene for a more robust workflow. They are also planning to work on clustering and clumping of scatter objects to enhance scene patterning. More Cosmos presets are also in the works to help kick-start various types of projects.


The evolution and future developments of Chaos Scatter make it a powerful tool for artists, enabling them to harness their creativity and bring their visions to life more efficiently. With its ease of use, versatility, and advanced features, Chaos Scatter has the potential to revolutionize how artists work. For more information about the newest and most advanced design software technology, feel free to contact our sales team at NOVEDGE.

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