SimLab Composer /VR Studio V12 Preview

April 15, 2024 1 min read

SimLab Composer /VR Studio V12 Preview

Video From YouTube: SimLab Soft

Explore the latest advancements in 3D design and virtual reality with SimLab Soft's recent update. Boasting integration with Unreal Engine 5, this upgrade enhances realistic simulations and interactive experiences. Experience enhanced physics in VR, take control of shadow quality, and create immersive multi-language VR environments. The update introduces a new fluid system, enabling users to interact with liquids in a virtual space. Climb objects with improved mechanics, and engage with environments using interactive voice commands. Medical hand simulations add a layer of precision for professional training, while mixed reality support blurs the lines between the real and the virtual. The update also includes a dynamic training builder and expanded 3D design capabilities, alongside access to a fresh VR content store.

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