Shapr3D's 2023 highlights | Product Updates

December 20, 2023 1 min read

Shapr3D's 2023 highlights | Product Updates

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Explore the exciting advancements in computer-aided design with Shapr3D's roundup of 2023 product developments. This year, the company rolled out 25 updates, significantly enhancing user experience with trailblazing features, such as the beta version of History-Based Parametric Modeling. Witness the transformation of the user interface and the expansion of 2D drawing capabilities that streamline design processes. Looking ahead, Shapr3D teases further innovations for 2024, promising to continue its mission of delivering user-friendly CAD tools that optimize productivity for design and manufacturing professionals across various platforms. Stay updated with the latest in CAD technology as Shapr3D paves the way for seamless design workflows.

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