Rhino & Grasshopper Plugins: Updates & More

May 17, 2023 2 min read

Rhino & Grasshopper Plugins: Updates & More

Welcome to our latest roundup of exciting news in the world of Rhino and Grasshopper plugins! These tools are always evolving to offer you a more streamlined and enhanced design experience. Here's what's fresh off the press:

New Releases

VisualARQ 2.13 BIM for Rhino has been launched to help you bring Building Information Modeling (BIM) into your design workflow. This update brings improvements to the BIM functionalities within Rhino, allowing for more efficient and integrated project management.

xNURBS Version 6.1 is here and it is set to revolutionize the way you work with surfaces. The latest update improves surfacing quality and reduces the number of control points required for precision, making your modelling experience smoother.

Bella has been introduced as a new rendering plugin for Rhino, bringing photorealistic visualization to your 3D designs.

Learning Resources

For those who are passionate about sustainable design, ThinkParametric offers a self-paced course on daylighting, solar radiation, thermal comfort, and more using the Swiss Re Building as an example. This course is a must for anyone interested in mastering Ladybug Tools.

To get a deeper understanding of ShapeDiver, check out The Future of 3D Product Configurators in the AEC Industry. In addition, you can explore how Dutch concrete printing company CyBe utilizes ShapeDiver.

Rhino3D.Education offers a wealth of online courses on Rhino, SubD, rendering, and other subjects. Many courses are available in Spanish, including Dive Deeper in GhPython and KeyShot for Rhino. A recent Spanish webinar, Modelado Arquitectonico BIM con VisualARQ, is also available for viewing.

The McNeel Forum is an excellent community support site full of information. Ask a question, share your thoughts, or seek help - it's a great place to engage with fellow Rhino and Grasshopper users.

New on food4Rhino

food4Rhino has added a mix of new plugins for various applications. Some of the noteworthy additions include:

Webinars and Workshops

There are numerous online workshops and webinars available to help you master Rhino and its plugins. Here are some upcoming ones:

Stay tuned to this space for the latest news, releases, and learning opportunities for Rhino and Grasshopper plugins. Happy designing!

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