Rhino 8 Supports Cutting-Edge OpenUSD (universal Scene Description) Integration

February 23, 2024 2 min read

Rhino 8 Supports Cutting-Edge OpenUSD (universal Scene Description) Integration

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Within the pantheon of 3D design and modeling software, Rhino 3D stands as a beacon of versatility and performance. The software's recent update heralds a significant leap forward with the integration of OpenUSD export capabilities, fortifying its position as a pivotal tool for professionals across various industries, including education, jewelry, architecture, and marine modeling. This latest enhancement underscores the growing adoption of OpenUSD—Universal Scene Description—as the new benchmark for 3D content creation.

Rhino 3D Updates for Collaboration

The latest iteration of Rhino, Rhino 8, brings a suite of enhancements that refine every aspect of the 3D modeling experience. Chief among these is the ability to export a wide range of elements, from meshes to textures, streamlining the collaborative process and enriching the visual fidelity of shared designs.

Key improvements in Rhino 8 include:

  • Modeling enhancements like direct editing with PushPull, ShrinkWrap for water-tight meshes, and enhanced control over subdivision surfaces.
  • Advancements in drawing and illustration, such as better clipping operations, new ceiling plan creation features, and improved linetype and UV mapping options.
  • Optimized performance for Mac users with support for Apple silicon processors and Metal display technology, alongside an upgraded Cycles rendering engine.
  • New Grasshopper components and an upgraded script editor fostering development.

As Rhino evolves, users can anticipate even broader export capabilities along with the ability to import OpenUSD content, deepening the software's integration into diverse 3D workflows.

Curious about OpenUSD?

The importance of OpenUSD in the 3D design ecosystem cannot be overstated, and its impact will be a focal point at the NVIDIA GTC conference—a gathering ground for AI and 3D innovation. Attendees can expect in-depth discussions from the Alliance for OpenUSD, hands-on training, and insights into building AI-enabled 3D tools and pipelines.

As Rhino 3D continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in digital design, professionals seeking to harness the newest and most advanced technology in their workflows can rely on NOVEDGE to provide the necessary tools. From a robust selection of design software to expert guidance, NOVEDGE is here to facilitate your creative and technical endeavors. For more information about the latest in 3D design software technology, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable sales team at NOVEDGE.



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