Maxon Rolls Out Performance Boosts for Apple's M3 Chips and New Creative Asset Integrations in Latest Update

February 23, 2024 3 min read

Maxon Rolls Out Performance Boosts for Apple's M3 Chips and New Creative Asset Integrations in Latest Update

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Maxon, the venerated name in the professional software development sphere for editors, filmmakers, motion designers, visual effects artists, and creative professionals, has recently announced a new wave of updates for the Maxon One subscription. 

This latest update is poised to substantially elevate performance levels, particularly for systems equipped with Apple's new M3 family of chips, while also enhancing asset integration and expanding creative possibilities for users.
With the integration of Apple’s hardware-accelerated ray tracing in Redshift, Maxon has focused on harnessing the robust capabilities of the M3 chips. This technological synergy has resulted in unprecedented rendering speeds and improved interactivity, setting a new benchmark for performance. 

Redshift 3.5.24, already renowned for its rendering prowess, now further extends its lead by exploiting the next-generation GPU architecture of Apple's silicon. This not only translates to faster render times but also provides artists with a more seamless and efficient creative process.
The enhancements don’t stop at performance. Redshift's latest release also addresses various bugs, bolsters stability, and refines the visual appearance of gradients with improved interpolation within the ramp node. 

Users working with Houdini will appreciate the new plugin brimming with quality-of-life improvements that streamline the creative workflow. On the front of asset integration, the updated Cinema 4D 2024.3 introduces an upgraded Asset Browser replete with the ability to preview animated assets with a simple hover action.

But the highlight is the seamless support for Adobe Substance 3D materials, a boon for artists looking to tap into a rich library of textures and finishes to elevate their work. This integration ensures that creatives can access and utilize a wide array of realistic materials with a level of ease previously unattainable. In line with the push for increased compatibility and workflow efficiency, exported glTF and USD files from Cinema 4D now come with skin deformations and PSR animation support, respectively. This means that artists can trust that their work will translate well across different platforms and applications, maintaining the integrity of their animations and simplifying asset sharing. 

The collaboration with Adobe has yielded another exciting addition: a library of 40 high-quality Substance materials that artists can access directly in the Cinema 4D Asset Browser. These materials are not only diverse, ranging from the practical duct tape to the more artistic modeling clay, but they also offer customizable parameters allowing for unique surface creations. For those leveraging the power of Unreal Engine in their projects, the updates to Cineware present an even more streamlined bridge between Cinema 4D and Unreal.
The Datasmith Direct Link has undergone significant performance enhancements, promising a frictionless link with Unreal Engine 5.0 and beyond, as long as Cinema 4D 2023.0 and later versions are used. This enhanced connection ensures a more intuitive and powerful animation transfer. For a limited time, Maxon is offering a special discount on the Maxon One and Adobe Substance 3D subscription, making this the perfect opportunity for creative professionals to capitalize on the latest advancements at an exceptional value. Reflecting on the updates, it is evident that Maxon is committed to empowering artists with tools that are not only at the forefront of technology but also deeply integrated within the creative ecosystem. 

The attention to improving performance, asset integration, and workflow compatibility stands as a testament to Maxon's dedication to the creative community. If you are seeking to elevate your creative work with the newest and most advanced design software technology, consider exploring the array of products available at NOVEDGE. Our sales team is equipped to provide you with detailed information and assist in selecting the perfect tools to match your artistic ambitions. Reach out to us at NOVEDGE for any inquiries or to see how these powerful software solutions can transform your creative workflows.

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