Rhino 3D Tip: Efficient Project Management with Rhino 3D Worksession Feature for Enhanced Collaboration and System Performance

March 14, 2024 2 min read

Rhino 3D Tip: Efficient Project Management with Rhino 3D Worksession Feature for Enhanced Collaboration and System Performance

  • When working on large or complex projects in Rhino 3D, it's essential to manage your workspace efficiently. Rhino's Worksession feature allows you to reference multiple Rhino files into a single session without actually merging the geometry into one file. This is particularly useful for collaborating with team members or working on different aspects of a project simultaneously.
  • To start a new worksession, go to File > Worksession > New. This creates a worksession where you can attach multiple Rhino files. Each file retains its layer structure and visibility settings, allowing for a better-organized workflow.
  • Use File > Worksession > Attach to add a Rhino file to the current session. The attached files will be listed in the Worksession dialog, where you can easily manage them. You can reference as many files as needed without significant performance hits, as geometry is not loaded into the active file's memory.
  • Worksession allows you to activate one file at a time for editing while the others remain as reference geometry. To switch the active file, just double-click on the file name in the Worksession dialog, or select it and click Set Active.
  • Layers from attached files can be turned on or off in the Layers panel. However, keep in mind that changes to layer visibility or other properties will not be saved back to the referenced file unless you explicitly open and save changes in the original file.
  • It's important to communicate with your team members when multiple people are accessing the same files to avoid conflicts. Set clear guidelines for file updates and use version control to keep track of changes.
  • When your project is complete or you need to consolidate your work, you can use the SaveAs or Export functions to merge the geometry from the worksession into a single Rhino file for final adjustments or output.
  • To ensure that you and your team are working with the latest features and best practices for collaboration, keep your Rhino 3D software up to date. Check Rhino's official download page for the latest updates.
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Understanding and utilizing the Worksession feature in Rhino can greatly enhance project collaboration and efficiency. It's a powerful yet simple tool for managing complex projects without overloading your system or compromising on organization. With work sessions, multiple users can contribute to a project seamlessly, making it an indispensable feature for large-scale designs and teamwork.

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