Revit Tip: Efficient Creation and Implementation of Custom Title Blocks in Revit

June 08, 2024 2 min read

Revit Tip: Efficient Creation and Implementation of Custom Title Blocks in Revit

Creating custom title blocks in Revit allows for a personalized and consistent presentation of your project sheets. Here's how to efficiently create and implement custom title blocks in your Revit projects:

  • Begin by opening the Title Block template provided in Revit or start a new family using the Title Block template option.
  • Decide on the size of your title block by considering the standard sizes of paper sheets such as A4, A3, A2, A1, or A0.
  • In the Family Editor, use the Line tool to delineate the boundary of your title block and include areas for information such as project title, company logo, and other relevant data.
  • Use Label parameters for text fields that will change from sheet to sheet, such as project name, sheet number, and date. This ensures that text updates automatically when you change the sheet information.
  • Import your company logo as an image or create it using Revit's detail components to enhance brand visibility.
  • Consider adding shared parameters to your title block if you need to track or schedule the information on multiple project sheets.
  • Once the design is complete, load the title block into your project and assign it to the appropriate sheets. You can do this by right-clicking the sheet name in the Project Browser and selecting 'Properties', then choosing your custom title block from the 'Title Block' property drop-down list.
  • Test your title block thoroughly to ensure all elements display correctly and parameters work as intended. Make adjustments as necessary.

Remember to save your title block template for future projects to maintain consistency and save time. For comprehensive Revit tutorials and expert tips, be sure to visit NOVEDGE.

Custom title blocks not only reinforce your company's brand but also provide vital information in a clear, professional layout. With these tips, you can enhance your project documentation and streamline your workflow, taking full advantage of Revit's powerful capabilities.

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