Maya 2023: Supercharge Your Workflow

December 24, 2022 2 min read

Maya 2023: Supercharge Your Workflow

Maya brings enhanced tools so you can focus on your most important tasks and devote time to being creative. New options for controlling Proximity Wrap driver behavior enable you to stay productive, while new settings for manipulating left-drag behavior help reduce friction points in your workflow. Maya also comes with the latest version of the USD plugin and Arnold for an optimized artist experience.

New Capabilities in Maya 2023:

Global scaling for Proximity Wrap
Stay productive with new ways of controlling Proximity Wrap driver behavior:

  • The new Use Transform As Deformation option specifies whether the transform of the driver is used for deformation or whether it is kept separate.
  • The Driver Cluster Matrix attribute can be used to better preserve rotation and scaling.

Optimized left-drag behavior
Reduce friction points in your workflow with a new setting added to the Animation preferences to control left-drag behavior. When Left-dragging moves selected keys is enabled, you can drag to move selected keyframes in the Graph Editor with a single click. When off, left-clicking only selects keys. This
is useful if you don't want to move keys accidentally when working with dense curves.

Hypershade preferences
Customize your Hypershade work area with a new Hypershade preferences section added to the Preferences window which allows you to set default grid visibility, grid snapping, display modes, and swatch sizing.

Autodesk Translation Framework (ATF)
Autodesk Translation Framework (ATF) importer now supports Catia V5-6R2022 and Alias 2023 models for seamless data and file transfer.

Improvements to USD and Arnold
Enjoy the latest version of the Maya for USD plugin and integrated Arnold version. These updates increase overall stability and bring you a smoother experience.

About Maya

Maya is professional 3D software for creating realistic characters and blockbuster-worthy effects.

Create expansive worlds, complex characters, animations, and dazzling effects with Maya.
From fantastic creatures to sweeping landscapes and explosive battle sequences, the Academy Award-winning Maya toolset is a top choice for creating believable characters and the worlds around them. Learn more

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