Mastering Rhino 8: Enhancing Meshes with Inset Offsets and SubD for Curved Surfaces and Edge Seams

February 03, 2024 3 min read

Mastering Rhino 8: Enhancing Meshes with Inset Offsets and SubD for Curved Surfaces and Edge Seams

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Mastering Rhino 8: Enhancing Meshes with Inset Offsets and SubD for Curved Surfaces and Edge Seams

With the continuous evolution of CAD software capabilities, modeling intricate designs has become significantly more accessible. Rhino, developed by Robert McNeel & Associates, is renowned for its powerful and versatile 3D design tools. Rhino 8 introduces enhanced functionality, particularly with the manipulation of meshes, SubD, and polysurface faces. Here we explore how Rhino 8's inset offsets and SubD capabilities can be leveraged to refine curved surfaces and edge seams.

Enhancing Meshes with Inset Offsets

An inset offset is an innovative feature that edges inward on a mesh, SubD, or a polysurface face. This function is a game-changer for designers who are looking to quickly create sub-faces that can be manipulated, such as being pushed or pulled, to flesh out a concept with just a few clicks. It facilitates the creation of complex topologies and patterns on a model's surface, which can be essential for both aesthetic detailing and functional design elements.

Working with Curved Objects

The ability to inset curved surfaces is a new feature in Rhino 8. This advancement allows for the creation of detailed designs, such as indents, bosses, and other product features with precision and ease. Curved surfaces have historically been challenging to modify accurately, but with Rhino 8's improved tools, you can create intricate patterns and details on complex geometries without compromising the integrity of the original design.

Crossing Edge Seams with Ease

Another significant improvement in Rhino 8 is the ability to work across edge seams. When modeling, seams are often disruptive and time-consuming to manage. The new offset loop feature in Rhino 8 simplifies this process by providing a seamless offset loop across the surface seam. This innovation saves time and effort by allowing designers to ignore surface edges and focus on creating a continuous flow of design across complex models.

Inset in Action

To deploy the inset feature in Rhino 8, you can use the Inset command. This command allows for the selection of a mesh or polysurface and the specification of an inset distance. The resulting geometry can then be adjusted and further detailed, providing a quick and efficient way to add depth and complexity to a model. Additionally, the Offset command has been refined to accommodate the new features in Rhino 8. This command can now be used to offset surfaces and create uniform edges, which is particularly useful for preparing models for 3D printing or for ensuring that there is sufficient material in mold design.

Rhino Commands: Enhancing Your Modeling Arsenal

The Inset and Offset commands in Rhino 8 are just a part of the comprehensive suite of tools available in the software. Rhino 8 is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all things related to 3D modeling, offering a robust and user-friendly platform that caters to professionals across various industries. For those looking to further enhance their Rhino experience, there are additional plugins and companion products available on the NOVEDGE website. For instance, Enscape offers real-time rendering and virtual reality, while Luxion KeyShot provides advanced visualization and animation capabilities. These tools can significantly augment the design process, allowing for a more dynamic and immersive exploration of 3D models.


Rhino 8 introduces powerful new features that expand the possibilities for designing with meshes, SubD, and curved surfaces. With the ability to perform inset offsets and work across edge seams, designers can sculpt intricate details and patterns with unprecedented ease. As a part of the comprehensive Rhino ecosystem, these tools empower creators to push the boundaries of 3D modeling. For professionals eager to delve into the newest and most advanced design software technology, NOVEDGE offers a diverse range of products compatible with Rhino's ecosystem. To explore these options and find the perfect tools to complement your Rhino 8 experience, feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales team at NOVEDGE. Our experts are ready to assist you in selecting the right software solutions to elevate your design projects to the next level.

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