Lofting, Part 2

July 07, 2024 1 min read

Autodesk Fusion 360

Video From YouTube: formz3D

Explore advanced 3D modeling techniques with FormZ's comprehensive guide on enhancing design capabilities. Delve into the intricacies of various lofting tools, which play a pivotal role in creating complex geometries. The tutorial dissects the use of the Path Loft, Branch Loft, and Perpendicular Loft tools, each offering unique ways to manipulate and control the creation of 3D forms. Viewers also gain insights into practical workflows, such as constructing a solid topography base and stitching surfaces for seamless integration. Moreover, the power of parametric control through the Nurbs Lofting tool is demonstrated, showcasing precision and versatility in design. This educational content is perfect for intermediate to advanced users aiming to refine their skill set in 3D modeling and design.

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