Innovative 2D CAD Design and Automation With BricsCAD

January 19, 2024 3 min read

Innovative 2D CAD Design and Automation With BricsCAD

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Welcome to BricsCAD® V24! Discover a modern, familiar, and innovative approach to CAD that doesn't break the bank. BricsCAD provides powerful tools for automating and optimizing your routine 2D design tasks, enhancing productivity, and delivering documentation more efficiently.

In this exploration of BricsCAD V24, we'll delve into the enhancements that streamline 2D drafting processes, allowing you to accelerate the creation of deliverables. By examining a retail store layout case, we uncover how to begin with 2D design and proceed to generate detailed shop drawings for fabrication and installation.

2D CAD Design with BricsCAD®

Starting with a simple drawing for a 2D floor-plate layout, BricsCAD V24 facilitates the use of template files. You can establish standards for your models and layouts right from the Start Page.

Layout management is a breeze with the ability to add, remove, and rename layouts directly from the Layout Manager dialog. BricsCAD's one-click access to layouts and publishing tools streamlines the output process, helping you to publish selected layouts effortlessly.

The Quad and The Manipulator

The enhanced Quad cursor in BricsCAD V24 provides context-sensitive commands at the point of your work, eliminating the need for navigating through menus or typing commands. Similarly, the Manipulator is a transformative tool allowing direct interaction with entities for moving, copying, rotating, and mirroring, again without the need for traditional command input.

Nearest Distance and Block Geometry

The NEARESTDISTANCE command in V24 deftly accepts typed dimensions, streamlining the process of spacing entities. When working with block geometry, the improved BLOCKIFY command intuitively matches and replaces repetitive geometry with blocks, optimizing your drawing's efficiency and reducing file sizes.

BricsCAD's parametric block features have been significantly upgraded, permitting the seamless insertion of blocks with multiple states from the robust library. The BLOCKCONVERT command further empowers users by converting dynamic blocks from other CAD software into parametric blocks that are fully editable within BricsCAD.

Improved Drawing Health Management

The Drawing Health Management tool now includes the OVERKILL command, simplifying the identification and correction of duplicated geometry or block definitions. A comprehensive report at the end of each health check session documents all modifications for transparency.

Drawing Views and Parts List

Creating drawing views from 3D models is more efficient with BricsCAD V24, maintaining full associativity with the original model. The detailed views, like section, detail, and circular or rectangular views, are quick to generate and update automatically with model changes.

Creating a parts list for documenting components becomes intuitive with the multi-leader entity, easily adjustable through the property panel for clarity and precision in your drawings.

Importing Excel® Data and Modifying Geometry

BricsCAD V24 allows for importing Microsoft® Excel® data directly into your projects. This addition, along with smart cell editing, provides a seamless way to work with tables and spreadsheets within your drawings.

Users also benefit from the familiarity of common CAD behaviors, such as the intuitive TRIM and EXTEND commands that display potential modifications dynamically. The new QDIM command further simplifies dimension placement, adhering to your specific standards.

Associative Dimensions and Sheet Set Manager

The enhancements to associative dimensions in V24 include the ANNOMONITOR system variable, which alerts users to dimensions that have lost connection to their defining geometry. The revamped Sheet Set Manager supports multi-user access and streamlines the publication process with features like direct PDF creation and bookmark inclusion.

Standard Raster File Output

With the demand for exporting to standard raster file formats, BricsCAD V24 now provides comprehensive control of size and DPI settings through print and publish dialogs, facilitating the creation of high-quality raster documentation.

BricsCAD V24 stands as a testament to the evolving nature of CAD technology, offering a familiar user experience enhanced by unique and innovative tools. To experience the capabilities firsthand, you can purchase BricsCAD or download the 30-day free trial from NOVEDGE.

In conclusion, when looking for the latest and most advanced design software technology, don't hesitate to contact our sales team at NOVEDGE. We're here to help you find the perfect solutions for your design needs.

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