Exploring the New InfoWater Pro 2024.4: Cloud-Based Water Quality, Enhanced MSX 2.0 Engine, and Handy Shortcuts

January 19, 2024 3 min read

Exploring the New InfoWater Pro 2024.4: Cloud-Based Water Quality, Enhanced MSX 2.0 Engine, and Handy Shortcuts

The landscape of water distribution modeling is continually evolving, and with the latest release of InfoWater Pro 2024.4, professionals in the field can look forward to enhanced capabilities that streamline processes, elevate simulation accuracy, and bring about a new level of convenience and efficiency. 

Water Quality Simulation Goes Cloud-Based
Following the warm reception of cloud-based fire flow simulations, InfoWater Pro users will be thrilled with the new opportunity to conduct water quality simulations within the cloud environment. This transition off the desktop paradigm means that demanding simulations which could potentially monopolize your local resources for an extensive period can now be offloaded. Imagine the transformative impact on workflow efficiency and productivity, with simulation times dramatically reduced, as observed by Denver Water. Furthermore, the introduction of batch runs in the cloud adds a layer of robustness to your simulation capabilities. You can now execute multiple simulations concurrently, receiving comprehensive results simultaneously—a real game-changer for decision-making processes related to water distribution networks. A visual demonstration of the batch run capabilities has been encapsulated in a concise video, showcasing the remarkable time savings achievable when paralleling sensitivity studies with water quality simulations in the cloud. 

The MSX 2.0 Engine Upgrade 
The launch of InfoWater Pro 2024.4 heralds the integration of the MSX 2.0 engine—a significant enhancement offering advanced capabilities to water modelers. This upgrade not only facilitates diffusivity and numerical improvements but also ensures that InfoWater Pro maintains its position as the leading-edge software for water distribution modeling. An exciting aspect for those exploring multi-species modeling for the first time is the multi-source tracing workflow. The practicality and applicability of this introductory feature have been highlighted in a recent Water Drops video, courtesy of Solutions Engineer Tim Midearis, PE. 

Intuitive New Shortcuts Continuous improvement is a hallmark of the InfoWater Pro development ethos, and the 2024.4 release is no exception. Efforts to enhance the user experience are evident in the introduction of new shortcuts designed to maximize the accessibility of the updated features. Key among these is the shortcut to the Simulation Task Manager, now just a click away from the "run" button. This streamlines the process of managing your simulation tasks with ease. Additionally, right-click functionality has been introduced to quickly clear the message board and to access detailed reports from the hydraulic diagnostics. This will prove invaluable when troubleshooting, providing immediate insights into warnings and issues identified within your models. 

Seamlessly Integrating the Latest Release into Your Workflow
The deployment of InfoWater Pro 2024.4 is the culmination of concerted efforts from the development team, QA, DevOps, marketing, documentation, and support team testers. This cross-functional collaboration underscores the commitment to delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds user expectations. To fully harness the new features: - Dive into the What’s New release notes for a comprehensive understanding of the enhancements and video snippets that will guide you. - Proceed to update your InfoWater Pro application and embark on cloud simulations that redefine the efficiency of your operations. - Stay informed and equipped by subscribing to our YouTube channel, where we consistently share video updates to maximize your utilization of every new release. 

 In conclusion, the InfoWater Pro 2024.4 release is a testament to the rigorous pursuit of excellence and innovation in water distribution modeling. As professionals in the industry seek the most sophisticated tools to augment their capabilities,
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