Exploring the Top Features of BobCAD-CAM V36

November 09, 2023 3 min read

Exploring the Top Features of BobCAD-CAM V36

Exploring the Top Features of BobCAD-CAM V36


We're excited to unveil the stellar enhancements in BobCAD-CAM V36. The focus? Making your experience painless and efficient. Whether you're migrating from an older version or seeking the perfect options for complex parts, there's something valuable for you in this latest version. 

1. Contextual Toolbars

Bid farewell to the inconvenience of right-clicking and searching through menus! With the innovative Contextual Toolbars, your most-used commands are a click away! Simply left-click, and the Contextual Toolbar springs to life, providing your go-to commands instantly.

2. Migration

Introducing the ultimate solution for seamless version upgrades – the brand-new BobCAD Utility. Say goodbye to manually copying files and tweaking your settings to match your previous version. The transition to the newest BobCAD version is smoother than ever.

3. Pack2Go / Unzip

Welcome the revolutionary Pack2Go utility – your gateway to hassle-free collaboration. With Pack2Go, file sharing becomes a breeze. Everything is zipped up tight into one neat package, ensuring a complete simulation and post-processing package is shared.

4. Multiple Selection in Picking Boxes

Say goodbye to limited selections. With Multi-Selection, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're navigating the CAM Tree, fine-tuning Feature Geometry Picking dialogs, or managing your Tool Crib, you're in command like never before.

5. New Icons

Experience the convenience of instantly recognizable feature icons! These icons help you effortlessly sort through job components and maintain clear visibility.

6. Picking Manager

The new chain selection options allow you to select entire chains, from wireframe and solids alike, quickly and easily. Whether you're selecting geometry for CAD features or assigning geometry to CAM features, you'll select geometry faster than ever before!

7. Redesigned Tool Crib

The redesigned Tool Crib eliminates the need for separate windows or adding tools one by one. The Tool Library is now seamlessly integrated within the same window, optimizing your workflow like never before.

8. Copy Machine Setups

The latest version introduces the ability to copy and paste entire machine setups. When building a machine setup that mirrors another, with similar features and settings, you can now achieve this with a few simple clicks.

9. Advanced UI

Now, you have the power to bypass the Standard UI and utilize the Advanced UI, which grants access to a plethora of fresh options.

10. Custom Tool Shape Roughing and Finishing

Toolpath calculation now considers the exact shape of custom tools created by the user! Your custom-designed tools come to life in your toolpath calculation, integrating your uniquely shaped tools seamlessly.

11. Remove Stock Pillars

The new Remove Stock Pillars option for the Advanced Rough Adaptive pattern allows you to finish the last of the stock on a given depth better than ever before.

12. Shift Distance

The Shift Distance/Stepover % value allows you to achieve seamless pass transitions and impeccable results. This feature ensures gentler transitions, extending your tools' lifespan and optimizing performance.

13. Custom Approach

Custom Approach gives you the ability to select a precise series of points that form the blueprint for your approach and retract motions. No more compromises, no more limitations. Every cut becomes a masterpiece of precision and control.

14. Avoid Contact Point on Tip

This new option allows you to automatically tilt the tool so the tip is not used in the deburring process, avoiding the least efficient contact point in material removal.

15. Automatic Tool Contact Point

In this version, you can set the correct axial offset based on your specific tool shape automatically! No more guesswork or manual adjustments.

16. Support for Unconnected Surface Finishing

Now, you no longer need to create multiple operations for unconnected surfaces. Instead, you can select multiple surfaces and use the same settings in the same operation, simplifying your process and boosting your productivity.

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