Exploring the New Live Boolean Feature in 3DCoat 2023: A Quick Overview

November 17, 2023 2 min read

Exploring the New Live Boolean Feature in 3DCoat 2023: A Quick Overview

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Discovering new tools and features in 3D modeling software can significantly enhance the workflow of designers and artists. One such advancement in digital sculpting and modeling comes with the new live Boolean feature set introduced in 3DCoat 2023. In this exploration, we delve into how this powerful feature can transform the way you approach your 3D projects.

Booleans have long been a cornerstone in 3D modeling, allowing users to combine or subtract shapes to create complex forms. Traditionally, Boolean operations were a somewhat clunky affair, often requiring a lot of cleanup work post-operation due to the imprecision and heavy computational demands. However, the live Boolean feature in 3DCoat 2023, as of build 31, revolutionizes this process with real-time, non-destructive editing capabilities.

Introducing Live Booleans

To start using live Booleans in 3DCoat 2023, you'll need to enable the feature from the preferences panel. Navigate to the 'Edit' menu and select 'Preferences', then proceed to the 'Beta' section and check the 'Live Booleans' option. It's important to note that live Booleans currently function exclusively in voxel mode, meaning the layers you intend to work with must be in this mode.

Setting Up Your Scene

Imagine having a model where you intend to create an aperture for a cannon. With a cutting object prepared, you can begin the live Boolean operation. The process is streamlined: the cutting object should be a child layer of the parent layer from which it will subtract. This hierarchy is swiftly established by dragging the cutting object layer onto the parent layer in the sculpt tree panel.

Performing Live Boolean Operations

With the live Boolean feature enabled and your layers correctly arranged, the magic begins. Right-click on the parent layer in the sculpt tree panel and select 'Live Subtraction' or 'Live Intersection' based on your desired outcome. The live Boolean operation executes in real-time, providing an immediate visual cue of the changes with the Shader from the cutting object indicating where the cut is made.

Real-Time Adjustments

The true power of live Booleans in 3DCoat is highlighted when making adjustments to your objects. You can manipulate the cutting object by moving, scaling, or skewing it while observing the changes in real-time. A wireframe overlay can be toggled with the 'W' key, offering a glimpse at the complexity handled with ease by this feature. This level of interactivity and feedback is invaluable for artists and designers who rely on precision and speed in their workflows.

Enhancing Your Workflow with 3DCoat 2023

The introduction of live Booleans in 3DCoat 2023 brings a dynamic approach to 3D modeling, allowing for rapid prototyping and iterative design. This non-destructive technique ensures that you can experiment freely without worrying about the permanence of your actions, thereby fostering a more creative and efficient design process.

Integration with Other Tools

For those looking to further expand their toolkit, NOVEDGE offers a range of compatible products that can complement the capabilities of 3DCoat. Complementary tools such as Rhino 3D with its xNURBS plugin, or V-Ray for advanced rendering, can enhance your design workflow substantially.


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