Explore the Future of Post-Production with Continuum and CrumplePop's Next-Gen AI Tools

November 17, 2023 2 min read

Explore the Future of Post-Production with Continuum and CrumplePop's Next-Gen AI Tools

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In an industry that thrives on the cutting edge, post-production professionals are constantly seeking tools that allow them to push boundaries and deliver content that captures audiences' imaginations. The recent unveiling of next-generation AI tools by Continuum and CrumplePop is a leap forward for creators looking to harness the power of artificial intelligence to enhance their work, streamline workflows, and unlock new creative possibilities.

Revolutionizing Visual Effects with AI

The introduction of Continuum 2024 ushers in a new suite of AI-driven image restoration tools designed to tackle common challenges faced by video editors and VFX artists. With features like DeNoise ML, creators can now effortlessly improve footage plagued by low light or compression issues with a simple one-click solution. The result is a pristine image that enhances the overall quality of the project.

After Effects users will be particularly excited by the Continuum UpRes ML effect. This exclusive tool allows for the scaling of images irrespective of their original size, delivering superior results and maintaining image fidelity even at larger scales. Such advancements in AI-driven technology are set to become indispensable for professionals seeking to future-proof their content for high-resolution formats.

Animating the Audio Spectrum

Bringing audio to life visually is now within reach with Continuum's new Audio Visualizer effect. This addition to the Time effect category offers over 50 motion graphics presets as a starting point, encouraging editors to explore and tailor dynamic, audio-driven animations that resonate with viewers.

AI Audio Magic in Seconds

CrumplePop 2024 complements the visual AI enhancements by offering substantial quality improvements in audio post-production. The updated suite includes advanced AI models that provide quick fixes to common audio issues such as noise, traffic, wind, rustle, and clipping. This allows editors to save time and avoid the need for extensive manual audio clean-up, ensuring that their projects sound as good as they look.

Unleashing Creativity with Particle Illusion

The 2024 release also brings Stability AI to Particle Illusion, enabling users to create custom sprites with ease. The addition of inherited velocity and 3D Lines further expands the creative toolkit available to artists, opening up a world of possibilities for complex and visually stunning particle effects.

Accessing the Future

For those eager to experience the full potential of these innovative tools, the updates to Continuum 2024 and CrumplePop 2024 are available as free updates to customers with an active subscription or upgrade & support plan. To explore these features firsthand, professionals can download a free trial via the Boris FX Hub.


The post-production landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, driven by the integration of AI technologies. With the latest offerings from Continuum and CrumplePop, professionals in the field are empowered to meet and exceed the expectations of today's content-hungry audiences. As these tools continue to refine and expand the capabilities of creators, NOVEDGE remains committed to providing access to the newest and most advanced design software technology. To learn more about how these AI-driven solutions can benefit your post-production processes, we invite you to contact our sales team at NOVEDGE for expert guidance and support.

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