Exploring the New Features and Enhancements in Rhino 8

November 01, 2023 2 min read

Exploring the New Features and Enhancements in Rhino 8

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Rhino 8 is the latest version of the popular 3D modeling software, and it comes packed with new features and enhancements. From faster rendering for Mac users to the new ShrinkWrap tool, Rhino 8 is designed to provide more power and flexibility to designers, architects, and 3D artists.

ShrinkWrap: Turn Garbage To Gold


As any experienced 3D designer will tell you, creating meshes for 3D printing can be a challenging task. Rhino 8 simplifies this process with ShrinkWrap, a new feature that creates a watertight mesh around open or closed meshes, NURBS geometry, SubD, and point clouds. This makes it an ideal tool for creating meshes for 3D printing.

Built for Mac

Rhino 8 for Mac has been significantly improved, running natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs and using the Apple Metal display technology for fast 3D drawing. The update also brings the User-Interface on Mac closer to its Windows counterpart, providing a unified experience across different platforms. Additionally, the Layer Manager has been completely rewritten on both Windows and Mac, including all new features.

SubD Creases

SubD Creases

SubD Creases is a new feature in Rhino 8 that allows users to create a feature between a smooth and a sharp edge without adding complexity to the SubD control net. This is great for making fillet-like features in your models.

Modeling: Simplified

Rhino 8 introduces several new modeling workflows and features, including PushPull, Automatic CPlanes, and more intuitive features to the Gumball tool. The PushPull tool allows users to grab a face and push or pull it, effectively extruding or extending it. This can greatly simplify the modeling process.

Clipping and Sectioning

Rhino 8 includes a number of enhancements to clipping and sectioning, which can support various drafting and fabrication workflows. Users can now use Section Styles to create detailed sections of their models, apply selective clipping and viewing depth, create dynamic vector drawings of clipping sections, and use Clipping Planes Views in 2D layouts. These features can help users extract section curves and slices for fabrication.


Rhino 8 comes with an updated Cycles Render engine for faster, GPU-accelerated raytracing, improved procedural textures, a new display mode, and more. The UV Mapping process has been improved with a floating UV Editor and new unwrapping options. Users can now create native, per-pixel procedural textures in raytraced and rendered modes, use a clean, minimal Display Mode for showcasing architectural work, and more.

Grasshopper: Rhino Data Types

Grasshopper, the popular visual programming language integrated in Rhino, gets a significant update in Rhino 8 with the introduction of Rhino Data Types. This allows users to bake geometry with custom attributes, import more file formats, control blocks, use native materials in the display pipeline, create hatches and annotations, and many other expanded workflows.

Overall, Rhino 8 introduces a series of updates and improvements that enhance the user experience, streamline workflows, and provide more flexibility and power to designers. If you're interested in exploring more about the newest and most advanced design software technologies, visit NOVEDGE and check out our extensive collection of software solutions. For more detailed information, don't hesitate to contact our sales team at NOVEDGE.

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