Boost Your Infrastructure Planning: How Civil 3D and InfoWorks ICM Integration Streamlines Design and Hydraulic Modeling

November 10, 2023 3 min read

Boost Your Infrastructure Planning: How Civil 3D and InfoWorks ICM Integration Streamlines Design and Hydraulic Modeling

Boost Your Infrastructure Planning: How Civil 3D and InfoWorks ICM Integration Streamlines Design and Hydraulic ModelingDesign News Header

Enhancing Collaboration between Civil 3D and InfoWorks ICM

Infrastructure planning and design represent a complex orchestration of various phases, ultimately culminating in construction and operation. In this intricate process, having robust and interoperative software tools is essential for maximizing efficiency and accuracy. Autodesk's Civil 3D, a premier civil infrastructure design application available on NOVEDGE, is now seamlessly integrated with InfoWorks ICM, enhancing the synergy between designers and hydraulic modelers.

This integration facilitates the flow of data between the planning and design phases, ensuring that all aspects of infrastructure—be it drainage, sewers, or flood risk assessment—are thoroughly analyzed and optimized. The collaboration between Civil 3D and InfoWorks ICM eliminates the need for cumbersome data translation and allows for more cohesive and iterative design processes.

You can access the InfoWorks ICM export functionality from the Add-ins tab of Civil 3D:

Streamlining Workflow and Mitigating Flood Risks

With the integration, Civil 3D users can now export their pipe networks directly into InfoWorks ICM to perform advanced hydraulic simulations and analyses. This capability significantly enhances the accuracy of flood risk assessments and the impact analyses of new infrastructure on existing systems. Not only does this save time, but it also leads to more informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.

The improved workflow efficiency resonates with the need for high-fidelity modeling when assessing the implications of new infrastructure on hydrological systems. Seamless data exchange between Civil 3D and InfoWorks ICM minimizes the risk of errors and ensures that engineers can quickly iterate on designs with informed hydraulic data at hand.

How the Integration Operates

Exporting data from Civil 3D to InfoWorks ICM is a straightforward process. After mapping Civil 3D parts families to corresponding elements in InfoWorks ICM, the user can export the data as a CSV file. This file is then imported into an open network in InfoWorks ICM, where the user can audit, simulate, and adjust as needed.

Once the desired outcomes are achieved within InfoWorks ICM, updated network data can be exported back into Civil 3D. This bi-directional flow of information ensures that the hydraulic modeling informs the civil design, leading to a more resilient and optimized infrastructure plan.

Joining a Robust Ecosystem of Solutions

Autodesk emphasizes the creation of comprehensive water solutions that span throughout the entire water management cycle. The Civil 3D and InfoWorks ICM integration is a testament to this commitment, offering professionals a robust ecosystem to navigate the complexities of infrastructure planning and design.

Users can access the InfoWorks ICM Import and Export Plug-in for Civil 3D directly from Autodesk's management site, bridging the gap between Civil 3D and the expansive capabilities of InfoWorks ICM for hydraulic modeling.

Further Explorations and Learning Opportunities

Autodesk University sessions and workflow videos are excellent resources for professionals looking to deepen their understanding of the integration and its benefits. These educational materials showcase practical applications of the integration and provide a platform for users to engage with future enhancements.


The integration of Civil 3D and InfoWorks ICM represents a significant advancement in the field of infrastructure design and planning. By combining the strengths of these two software giants, professionals can achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in their projects.

For those looking to leverage the capabilities of Civil 3D, NOVEDGE offers an extensive catalog of Autodesk products, including AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, Civil 3D, 3ds Max and more.


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