Autodesk InfoDrainage 2025 Unveiled: Enhanced Machine Learning Deluge Tool with User-Defined Ponds and Swales Functionality

April 19, 2024 3 min read

Autodesk InfoDrainage 2025 Unveiled: Enhanced Machine Learning Deluge Tool with User-Defined Ponds and Swales Functionality

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Autodesk InfoDrainage 2025 Unveiled: Enhanced Machine Learning Deluge Tool with User-Defined Ponds and Swales Functionality

The landscape of drainage design is transforming with the unveiling of Autodesk InfoDrainage 2025, featuring a sophisticated Machine Learning Deluge tool. This latest iteration offers unprecedented interactivity, allowing designers to place user-defined ponds and swales and instantly see their impact on flood prediction maps. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to penetrate various sectors, Autodesk leads the charge by integrating AI into its comprehensive water portfolio, exemplified by the enhanced capabilities of InfoDrainage 2025.

With the integration of machine learning, the creation of predictive flood maps becomes not only rapid but also remarkably accurate. Designers can confidently address and mitigate flood risks from the very beginning of the planning process, thanks to the AI-backed analysis providing detailed insights into potential water accumulation and dispersal patterns on-site.

Pond and Swale Stamping with ML Deluge Tool

The standout feature of InfoDrainage 2025.0 is the seamless integration of user-defined ponds and swales into flood mapping technology powered by machine learning. Previously, while machine learning algorithms offered a glimpse into deluge flood patterns, they did not account for the user-created water management features like ponds and swales.

The new functionality within the ML Deluge Tool revolutionizes this approach. By allowing users to stamp ponds and swales onto the surface within the InfoDrainage environment, the updated flood maps produced by the ML Deluge algorithm now incorporate these features. This level of detail empowers engineers and designers to make more informed decisions regarding drainage systems, ensuring a more accurate assessment of flood mitigation strategies.

Enhanced Interoperability with Civil 3D

Continuing its commitment to creating harmonious workflows between essential design tools, Autodesk InfoDrainage 2025 expands its compatibility with Civil 3D 2024. This is a part of Autodesk's sustained initiative to achieve parity with Civil 3D, setting the stage for future releases to support newer versions.

Here is a quick interoperability guide for users:

  • InfoDrainage 2024.X and InfoDrainage 2025.0 are compatible with Civil 3D 2024.X
  • InfoDrainage 2025.1 will be compatible with Civil 3D 2025.X

This progression in the InfoDrainage suite embodies the synergistic potential between Civil 3D and InfoDrainage, promising efficiency gains in the drainage design process through the robust integration of these tools.

The Path to Update

The release of InfoDrainage 2025 reflects Autodesk's dedication to advancing its suite of design tools. Updating to the latest version ensures you have access to the latest refinements and capabilities essential for producing comprehensive drainage system designs. The update can be accessed through the Autodesk Access app, or for those using a Thales License, directly from the support site.

For in-depth insights into the enhancements, users are encouraged to review the product release notes. Moreover, stay informed about the strategic direction of Autodesk's water solutions with the comprehensive Water Solutions Roadmap. For those seeking to broaden their knowledge, the free learning series on InfoDrainage serves as an invaluable resource.


InfoDrainage 2025 stands as a testament to Autodesk's vision of integrating AI and machine learning to elevate the standards of drainage design. As such, it is imperative for professionals in the field to stay abreast with these advancements. For more information about the newest and most advanced design software technology, including the dynamic integration of tools such as InfoDrainage with Civil 3D, and to explore a wide selection of complementary products like Revit, AutoCAD, and MathCAD, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team at NOVEDGE.

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