AutoCAD Tip: Optimizing AutoCAD Workflow with Custom Command Aliases

March 31, 2024 2 min read

AutoCAD Tip: Optimizing AutoCAD Workflow with Custom Command Aliases


Efficiency in AutoCAD often comes down to reducing the number of keystrokes or mouse clicks required to execute commands. One effective way to streamline your workflow is by creating custom command aliases. These aliases act as shortcuts for your most frequently used commands, allowing you to trigger them with just a few keystrokes. Here's how to set up custom command aliases in AutoCAD to boost your productivity:

  • Access the Alias Editor: Use the command ALIASEDEDIT to open the Edit Aliases dialog box. This is where you can view and modify existing command aliases or create new ones.
  • Modify Existing Aliases: Look through the list to find commands you frequently use. If the current alias isn’t intuitive or quick enough for you, change it to something that suits your typing habits better.
  • Add New Aliases: If a command you use often doesn't have an alias, you can create one. Click the Add button, enter the command name in the 'Command' field and your preferred alias in the 'Alias' field.
  • Consider Naming Conventions: Keep your aliases short and intuitive. For example, use C for COPY or Z for ZOOM. This will make them easy to remember and fast to type.
  • Save Your Changes: After you have made your edits or additions, ensure you save the file. AutoCAD will prompt you to overwrite the existing file – this is normal.
  • Apply the Changes: For the new aliases to become active, you may need to restart AutoCAD.
  • Share Your Customizations: If you work with a team and want to standardize the command aliases across multiple computers, you can export the acad.pgp file and distribute it to your colleagues.

Remember, by integrating these custom command aliases into your daily use of AutoCAD, you can significantly speed up the design process. The time savings may seem small at first, but they add up quickly over the course of a project.

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