AutoCAD Tip: Efficient Object Editing in AutoCAD: Mastering the Quick Select Tool

May 20, 2024 2 min read

AutoCAD Tip: Efficient Object Editing in AutoCAD: Mastering the Quick Select Tool

AutoCAD is a powerful tool for engineers, architects, and designers. Its efficiency, however, depends on how effectively you can select and modify objects within your drawings. Today's focus is on 'Using the Quick Select Tool for Efficient Editing', a function that streamlines the editing process by allowing you to select objects based on specified criteria quickly.

  • Accessing Quick Select: You can open the Quick Select dialog box by typing 'QSELECT' on the command line or by using the right-click context menu after selecting an object.
  • Setting Criteria: In the Quick Select dialog, choose the object type you want to select, such as lines, circles, or layers. You can then specify properties like color, line type, or any other characteristic relevant to your selection criteria.
  • Filtering Selection: Use the 'Include' or 'Exclude' option to determine whether the selected properties should be included or excluded in your selection set.
  • Applying to Multiple Drawings: If you're working with several open drawings, Quick Select can apply the current selection criteria across all open files, significantly reducing manual selection time.
  • Combining with Other Commands: Once you have your selection set, you can use it with other commands like Move, Copy, Rotate, and more, to apply changes en masse.
  • Save Time with Saved Selections: Save your Quick Select settings for future use, especially if you frequently work with similar selection sets. This practice can significantly cut down the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Remember, Quick Select can be particularly useful when dealing with complex drawings containing numerous objects. It's ideal for isolating and editing specific parts of your drawing without the risk of altering other elements unintentionally. For professionals looking to enhance their AutoCAD capabilities, NOVEDGE ( is the go-to resource for AutoCAD software, offering a vast array of tools and plugins that cater to the specific needs of various disciplines.

Embrace the efficiency of Quick Select in your editing process, and you'll find that the time saved can be utilized for more creative and productive tasks, elevating the quality of your projects and your overall workflow.

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