Aplitop 20 Anniversary | Tanuj Bartar (Apogee)

July 04, 2024 1 min read

Aplitop 20 Anniversary | Tanuj Bartar (Apogee)

Video From YouTube: aplitop

Celebrate Aplitop's 20th anniversary by exploring the enduring partnership with Tanuj Bartar of Paragon Instrumentation Engineers and Apogee. This video highlights a 17-year journey, showcasing collaborations like the OEM version of TcpGPS for Apogee equipment, which played a crucial role in India's first land re-survey in nearly 120 years. Discover the innovation and success that have marked Aplitop's evolution, emphasizing the significant contributions made by strategic partners in bringing advanced surveying solutions to the forefront. Join us in honoring two decades of technological advancements and collaborative achievements.

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