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Arena4D Point Server

Arena4D Point Server: Stream unlimited point cloud data across networks

Arena4D Point Server -- 1-Year SubscriptionArena4D Point Server 1-Year Subscription is an HTTP server capable of streaming Veesus Point Cloud (VPC) files across your network and the internet. It also allows you to manipulate your data with the same flexibility as if on your local hard drive.
Compatible with both Arena4D Data Studio, Arena4D for Rhino and PoTree web client, you can now share your data from a central repository and seamlessly stream the point cloud data to your chosen client.

Features and Benefits

Easy to Set-Up and Configure
Controlled And Stable
Provide a controlled and stable Storage Environment
Share Scan Data with Multiple Users simultaneously
Easy Backups
Configuration control – scan data can be Backed Up easily
Remove the need for Duplication of scan data across multiple machines / devices
Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity by removing slow transfer of data between USB devices

Powered by XStreamEngine

All Veesus Point Cloud products come with the XStream Engine built in. This engine allows point cloud data with Billions of points of data to be easily managed and viewed on standard laptops and desktop computers. Its multi-threaded, efficient design and implementation reduces the overhead on your computer typically associated with point cloud data.
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