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Tetra4D Converter Bundle
License & Maintenance
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Tetra4DTetra4DTetra4D Converter Bundle - License & MaintenanceTetra4D Converter Bundle - License & MaintenanceIncludes software licenses and required first year maintenance for new Tetra4D Converter and new Acrobat Pro DC3DCS-NL-B939.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Tetra4D Converter Bundle
License & Maintenance

Tetra4D Converter Bundle -- License & Maintenance

Includes software licenses and required first year maintenance for new Tetra4D Converter and new Acrobat Pro DC

When you purchase Tetra4D Converter Bundle License & Maintenance with Acrobat X Pro you save money and get your support on both products from a company that understands your 3D workflows. As part of your annual maintenance and support contract, tetra4D will provide unlimited web-based support and all future new releases of both 3D PDF Converter and Acrobat X Pro.

New in this version

  • Support for CATIA V5-6R2015
  • Support for Autodesk Inventor 2016 files including enhanced support for B-rep models
  • Enhanced PMI support for more accurate rendering of complex PMI in CATIA V5, Siemens PLM Software NX, PTC Creo and JT formats
  • Improved license manager

Key Features

New in this version: Visual Response Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)
This feature will empower users with the ability to describe annotations including complex surfaces that would normally be required at the 2D detailed drawing phase.
Convert native 3D CAD files into interactive 3D PDF documents
Convert 3D data from all major CAD applications into rich, interactive PDF documents. 3D data stored within PDF can be highly compressed – oftentimes less than 5% of the size of the native 3D CAD data. See list of supported 3D formats.
Use 3D Reviewer to prepare CAD data before publishing to PDF
Merge CAD files, move and delete parts, create animations and exploded assemblies, create and manage bills of material and much more. Publish the results to 3D PDF. Learn more about 3D Reviewer below.
Export to neutral 3D file formats directly from a 3D PDF document
Users can easily export precise BREP 3D CAD data to neutral file formats such as STEP, IGES, Parasolid, or STL for use in downstream CAD, CAM, CAE, 3D printing and more. Export the entire assembly, or select which part model(s) to convert.
Rapidly update documents when design data changes
When design changes happen, you can quickly and easily update the 3D data within a PDF. Once you've created the 3D PDF template, it's effortless to republish your work instructions, service manuals, RFPs and any other document that contains 3D data.
Include PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) when you import 3D data
PMI data such as dimensions, tolerances, and annotations , complete with intelligent PMI view states are imported and displayed in 3D PDF. Your company can easily share 3D model based definitions (3D MBD) with your supply chain. All they need is the free Reader.
Support for the ISO PDF/E standard for exchange of engineering data.
Create 3D PDF documents that conform to the ISO PDF/E standard for the exchange of 2D and 3D engineering information. Use advanced tools within Acrobat X Pro to check standards compliance and fix those that do not.
Work seamlessly with 3D PDF files in Microsoft SharePoint
Access SharePoint from any Acrobat Open or Save dialog box. Open 3D PDF files from SharePoint for viewing, collaboration, ad 3D data exchange. Check them out for editing, and then check them back in.
Use free SendNow services to share large 3D PDF files
Use free SendNow online services from within Acrobat to send, share, and track large files without the headaches of email size restrictions, FTP sites, and costly overnight services.
Use Collaborate Live to conduct real-time online 3D design reviews
Use the free Collaborate Live capabilities of Acrobat X Pro to conduct online design review. Simply send the 3D PDF to the recipients. Collaborate Live connects the PDFs so that only the commands to rotate, zoom, pan, change pages, etc., are sent back and forth. This results in much better performance than traditional web conferencing.

Includes 3D Reviewer Software

3D Reviewer is a separate application that is included with your purchase of 3D PDF Converter. 3D Reviewer allows users to prepare 3D CAD data for downstream use prior to final creation of the 3D PDF document. It can also be used for interacting with and modifying existing 3D PDFs.

This Bundle Includes

Tetra4D ConverterIncludes software license and required first year maintenanceThis item cannot be purchased separately.5878
Acrobat X Pro 11
Win Version
Exceed expectations. Even your own.This item cannot be purchased separately.6029
Tetra4D Converter
Annual Maintenance and Support
One year unlimited web maintenance/support for Tetra4D ConverterThis item cannot be purchased separately.5881
Tetra4D for Acrobat Pro DC
Annual Maintenance and Support
This item cannot be purchased separately.9388
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