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Infinite Backgrounds for After Effects 3D

Red Giant Trapcode HorizonGive your scene an infinite sky or virtual walkthrough experience. Red Giant Trapcode Horizon is a camera-aware image mapping tool that ties your After Effect camera to a 3D world. By applying images or gradients to the inside of a giant sphere, this plug-in creates an infinite background. No matter where your camera is directed, Red Giant Trapcode Horizon's simple controls make ultra-realistic environments or sky gradients a snap.
  • 64 bit compatibility provides significant performance gains
  • Unique plug-in for creating QuickTime VR like experiences in After Effect
  • Built-in gradients and image mapping support
  • Full 32-bit/channel floating-point rendering support
Virtual Reality Background
Red Giant Trapcode Horizon is the only plug-in that creates QuickTime VR-like experiences inside After Effect. If you have experienced virtual walkthroughs on the Web for real estate, parks, monuments and more, you can now recreate these animations right inside After Effect with full control over 3D motion and the camera's field of view. If you have longed to create a more scripted VR experience, Red Giant Trapcode Horizon is the perfect tool.
Gradient And Image MAP Modes
Choose from gradient or image map modes in the plug-in, each offering a unique way to provide interesting backgrounds. Gradient mode offers both point and line generation. Point mode generates smoothly blended color regions from up to 8 points on the virtual
3D Camera Integration
Red Giant Trapcode Horizon ties automatically into the After Effect3D camera, so that the 11361|Trapcode Particular] and Form will move correctly with background and provide the viewer with a much-needed orientation in 3D space.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Red Giant Trapcode Horizon requires :
After Effects Creative CloudCreate incredible motion graphics and visual effects.408Add to Cart Product 1881
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Red Giant Trapcode Horizon
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