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You have not to search, just buy Rhino

I work since 1987 in CAD and for ship design I used AutoShip. AutoShip became worse and worser and finally I bought Rhino & Flamingo.

It is another world and my first Yacht took two weeks including "learning" Rhino 4.0. I will send you a "photo"!

Special thanks to Carolyn of Novedge!

Volker Gries

Rhino & Flamingo review

I am very impressed with the customer service I received from Carolyn Avery at Novedge. She helped us get up a running the same day of purchase by sending the activation codes off the purchased bundle. Product was received in a very timely manner. Kudos to your team at Novedge and also to the people at McNeal that suggested I give you a call. Your prices and customer service can't be beat.
Thanks again for all your help!
Ryan Stringfellow
Product Development Manager
The Hayes Company

Great Products

I found the software (Rhino and Flamingo) very easy to use. It took a little time to learn the commands but the help section of the software was very helpful. The tutorials are a great way to learn the "primary" commands and if you still need help there are tons of Rhino users groups out there. I was very pleased with the price and as of yet haven't found it lacking in any aspect for my uses.

Best purchase I ve ever done

This bundle offers the best quality for 3D and good rendering potentials.
The softwares are very reliable and customer support from the makers of Rhino as well as Novedge is impecable.

I highly recommend to anyone who s stiving for excellence in their work.

Alexandre Galin

Perfect mix of speed and quality

Flamingo can't quite compare with programs like 3D max in rendering capabilities (say an 8 vs 10 on quality), but you don't have to wait 10+hours to see your renderings. It's also nice not having to bust out a bible every time you can't remember the 17 step process to use a feature (ahem...3D max again.)