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Eddyst Eddy
strata cx 7 for win

strata cx 7 for win

Sean Murphy
Worst of the Worst

If you want a 3D package that works, stay away from this one. I purchased te Strata CX Pro (version 4.0) and had nothing but problems. When I loaded it, and tried to open it, all it did was freeze up, and then the entire screen turned white. I posted on the StratasCafe forum, and received an immediate answer from a Strata Rep (good service for bad product) and received a link to a posting on the forum that explained in detail some major problems with Strata, which the company blames on the Graphics Accelerator card manufacturers. Apparenty if you have anything other than an onboard graphics system (built in to your main board) then you will have major problems with this program. Since there are so many different possibilities with these cards, nobody can quite explain what it is on each card that helps fix the problem. One person suggested to turn tha hardware acceleration completely off, which allowed me to open the program, but everything moved really choppy and it was horrible (I have a 512mb graphics card). After battling with this program for awhile I gave it away (I couldn't justify re-selling a piece of junk like this) Hey folks, even Blender runs better than this ... you would be better off downloading it from free at Blender.Org than shelling out more that the price of the plastic and cardboard for this sorry software.

And get this ... Strata puts all the blame on the graphics card manufacturers!!! I currently have laoded, and work in Newtek Lightwave 9.0, Carrara 3d Pro 5.0, Adobe Photoshop cs2, After Effects and Premier, Vue Infinite 5.0, Amapi 3d Pro 7.0, and several other programs, and I have never seen anything like this ... all the other programs on the market work just fine with all the major graphics accelerator cards.

So, in a nutshell, if you want to avoid wasting several weeks or months trying to get this up and running, don't buy it. If you have a generic storebought proprietary machine, this may be the product for you ... but don't buy it...

Hans Van Even
Best pack for the money

I've been looking for a good 3D package for a while, and Strata 3D was exactly what I was looking for, easy to use, very good render quality and good integration with Photoshop and affordable. On top of that, the support from Strata on their forums is simply the best I've seen for software. 5 Stars !

Andrew Williams
Potential buyers

I really didn't give Strata a fair chance since it was a bit different for the CAD products I work with and an not too easy to get use to. However, from the little I did see I would recommend giving it a try. It produced some incredibly realistic renders.

Tom Macie
Excellent Product

Great image quality, and unmatched support from the company and related forums.

By far - this is their strongest effort.

Albart Henry
TheGreates 3D software

Easy, fast and great rendering tools.
Thanks to Strata 3D CX!