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LuxionLuxionKeyShot 7 Pro - Floating LicenseKeyShot 7 Pro - Floating LicenseCreate amazing looking images from your 3D models! Animation add-on included.7-1011-PFL2,995.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018

KeyShot 7 Pro
Floating License

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KeyShot 7 Pro -- Floating License

Create amazing looking images from your 3D models! Animation add-on included.

KeyShot 7 Pro Floating License is a stand-alone 3D rendering and animation application that operates side by side your 3D modeling application. Rather than putting KeyShot 7 Pro inside the 3D modeling software, Luxion provide a more flexible approach with three levels of integration to import and render your design.
KeyShot 7 Pro features tools and the fastest workflow for creating product amazing 3D renderings and animations. Within a few minutes, apply scientifically accurate materials, work with textures and labels, adjust HDRI and physical lighting, move your camera for the perfect shot, create animation and interactive KeyShotVRs, and see it all happen in real-time.


Amazing visuals. Even faster.
KeyShot 7 Pro brings even more speed and simplicity to creating high-quality visuals. Experience a completely optimized workflow with faster lighting capabilities and expanded material features with the new KeyShot Material Graph. Advanced tools enable scripting and geometry editing, allowing you to do more in KeyShot 7 Pro to create amazing shots even faster.
  • Improved Workflow Efficiency - Easier ways to set up your scene, work more efficiently, and deliver amazing visuals with speed.
  • Greater Material Control - More control over materials with enhancements and advanced material editing for unlimited possibilities.
  • Amazing New Capabilities - New capabilities to elevate what's possible with geometry, viewing and rendering your scenes.
  • Powerful Feature Enhancements - More power from import to creating animations and interactive visuals of your designs and ideas.
Improved Workflow Efficiency
Rendering has always been fast and easy with KeyShot. KeyShot 7 Pro continues the focus on making your workflow even smoother. From import to final render these features will have you creating visuals faster than ever before.
  • Interior Lighting Mode - KeyShot 7 Pro comes with six new lighting modes powered by an all new lighting algorithm. Set or adjust scene lighting optimized for interiors or product shots. Switch to performance mode or use your own custom preset with the click of a button.
  • Real-time Region Render - KeyShot Pro users can now render any region of their scene in real-time. Only the region enclosed by the bounding box in the Real-time view will be rendered.
  • Save Scene Sets - The ability to save active Scene Sets allows them to be easily share with users of KeyShot 7 Pro who need access to a scene created with KeyShot Pro.
  • Multi-layer PSD - Render still images and animation frames as PSD and PSD 32 Bit format with passes and layers included as individual Photoshop layers in the file.
Greater Material Control with Material Graph
Material editing is now more robust than ever before with the KeyShot 7 Pro Material Graph. The Material Graph opens in a separate window and displays materials, textures, labels and more as nodes in a graph view to visualize connections and relationships within complex materials.
  • Materials on Labels - Materials and textures can now be applied to labels to enhance appearance and realism for a more accurate communication of their properties.
  • Material Animation - Color and Number Fade animations now make it possible to quickly adjust material colors or settings, change materials opacity or fade lights.
  • Occlusion Procedural - A new procedural texture for the addition of proximity-based shading on a material used to accentuate the self shadows cast on a material.
Amazing New Capabilities with Geometry View
When you want your workflow to be more about creating, the new capabilities in KeyShot 7 Pro offer incredible ways to cut away those time-consuming steps, automate your tasks and completely eliminate post-processing steps.
KeyShot 7 Pro introduces an entirely new way to setup a scene with the new Geometry View. This highly responsive secondary real-time view provides an additional camera viewpoint, 1:1 animation playback, camera path animation control and more.
  • Geometry Editor - The Geometry Editor brings the freedom of splitting surfaces, calculating vertex normals, separating individual surfaces and closing open boundaries.
  • Scripting Console - Share, save and automate. KeyShot 7 Pro Scripting allows you to unleash the possibilities of KeyShot functionality using Python scripts.
  • Shift Lens - A new Shift Lens allows you to adjust the verticals in a scene with the click of a button, making architectural shots and interior set-up a breeze.
Powerful Feature Enhancements with Camera Path Animation
New in KeyShot 7 Pro is the ability to add Camera Path Animations for smoother, more dynamic camera movements and more control over your camera.
  • New Plugins - New, free plugins bring more advanced support and LiveLinking capabilities to Maya, 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.
  • Preserve Image Quality - Pinch and zoom a KeyShotVR and preserve the image quality for amazing detail in your interactive website and mobile visuals.
  • Panorama Animation - In KeyShot 7 Pro you can now create panoramic camera animations simply and easily using the camera itself as the center of rotational viewing.
Simple Interface
KeyShot 7 Pro's simple user interface is minimal, but powerful, with all the options you need for advanced visualization and none of the clutter to impede workflow.
Rendering Speed
The speed you have within KeyShot 7 Pro cannot be compared. Whether your on a small laptop or a networked server with multiple CPUs, KeyShot will use all the cores available.
  • Fast - Everything inside KeyShot 7 Pro happens in realtime. KeyShot 7 Pro uses unique rendering technology which makes it possible to see all changes to materials, lighting, and cameras instantly.
  • Easy - You don't have to be a rendering expert to create photorealistic images of your 3D model. Simply import your data, assign materials by dragging and dropping them onto the model, adjust the lighting, and move the camera, Done.
  • Accurate - KeyShot 7 Pro is the most accurate rendering solution for your 3D data. KeyShot 7 Pro is built on Luxion's internally developed, physically correct render engine based on research in the areas of scientifically accurate material representation and global illumination.

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Realtime raytracing featuresKeyShot StdKeyShot Pro
Interactive wysiwyg raytracing
Photon mapping
HDRI lighting
Global illumination
Ambient occlusion
Final gathering
Environment shadow casting
Self and inter-object shadow casting
Environment reflections
Inter-object light bouncing
1920x1080 real-time resolution
2560x1500 real-time resolution
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Image finishing control
Render to external window
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Render up to 4 Mega Pixels resolution
Unlimited render output resolution
ArchitectureKeyShot StdKeyShot Pro
Highly optimized parallel architecture
CPU based
Near linear performance scale with additional CPUs
Output 2D data formatsKeyShot StdKeyShot Pro
JPEG output (8 bit)
TIFF output (16 bit)
EXR output (32 bit)
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SolidWorks (PC only)
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Region Rendering
Render Queue (Batch Render)
Turntable Animation Render
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