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Mech-Q Suite for AutoCAD: The Engineering Suite that includes all Mech-Q modules: Mechanical, Piping, HVAC Ducting, and Structural modules. Included 12 months Service & Maintenance

Mech-Q Suite for AutoCAD is a 2D/3D CAD software, drafting and engineering add-on solution that works with AutoCAD 2000-2019, Bricscad, ProgeCAD, CADian, GstarCAD, plus other IntelliCAD versions. Mech-Q is available for both 32 and 64 bit system.
Mech-Q Suite for AutoCAD includes all Mech-Q modules:
  • Mechanical
  • Piping
  • HVAC Ducting
  • Structural modules
Most of its utilities are equipped with 2D and 3D drawing functionality and include Bill Of Materials.

Mech-Q Mechanical CAD Software

  • Fasteners: Huge range of bolts, screws, nuts, pins & clips
  • Bearings & Bearing housings
  • Shafts, gears, spigots, keys & keyways
  • Springs: Extension Springs & Compression Springs design
  • Material Handling: Conveyor equipment, Sprockets, Trajectory calculations
  • Auto Dimensioning
  • Table generation
  • Auto Detailings
  • Text, layers, and dimensioning tools
  • Multitude of mechanical symbols, mechanical drafting tools and mechanical functions

Mech-Q CAD Piping Software

  • Othogonal 2d/3d CAD Piping Software
  • Isometrical Piping Software
  • P&ID Software
  • Plumbing symbols
  • Fabricated (lobster-back) piping
  • Pipe hangers, clamps, pumps, cylinders, tanks and several other piping software modules

Mech-Q HVAC Ducting CAD Software

  • Straight duct
  • Several Duct fittings included: Duct bends, transitions, tees & wyes, offsets, branches, dampers, diffusers, flexible duct
  • With features including Auto-BOM and Auto-Labelling

Mech-Q Structural CAD Software

  • Steel shapes from around the world (AISC, BHP, CISC, DIN, RSA, JIS, IS, Chinese)
  • Beams & columns are drawn with ease
  • Beam-connections
  • Stairs, ladders, bracing, hand railing, frames, welding symbols
  • Beam loading designer
  • Features include: Auto-BOM, Easy customization, layers control and a database editor that allows you to change, add or delete steel shapes to the existing already comprehensive range

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Mech-Q Suite for AutoCAD requires :
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