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AViCAD 2020

Complete 2D & 3D CAD.With Mech-Q Engineering Suite Included

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AViCAD 2020 is built using a powerful 2D and 3D - CAD software and is able to produce and read drawing in DWG format making it fully compatible with popular CAD software packages like AutoCAD.

AViCAD 2020 is a complete a Mechanical & Pant Design CAD software with a full set of Piping, Mechanical, HVAC and Structural powerful software applications - PLUS 2D/3D Architectural Software. AViCAD 2020 also has a huge 20,000 plus library of 2D/3D drawing blocks & symbols that covers most of your drawing and drafting needs.

AViCAD 2020 is fast becoming the number one CAD software for engineering and drafting professionals - world-wide.

What's New in AViCAD 2020

  • Improved Open and Save time
  • The New CAD engine with improved features and stability based on Teigha Version 4.3.2 and IntelliCAD 9
User Interface
  • Tool palettes for Blocks, Hatches and frequently used Commands. 
  • The Ready-to-use Palettes for:
    • Draw
    • Modify
    • Annotations
    • Utilities
    • View
    • 3D Tools
    • Fills and Hatches
    • 2D Architectural
    • Electrical Diagrams
    • Electrical Plants
    • Mechanics ANSI-ISO
    • Mechanics DIN-ISO
    • Hydraulic-Fluids and Pneumatics
    • Steel Sections
  • Anti-Aliasing technology to make text smoother and easier to read
  • Optimization for 4K displays
  • Redesigned menus
  • New Blocks Palette
  • Property Panel Tree
  • Double Click actions
New Features

  • Support for BIM file types
  • AEC, Civil, GeoMaps, Mechanical objects support 
  • Improved support of PointCloud with ReCap (.rcp/.rcs) files
  • Link to BIM&CO portal:
  • Print 3D Hidden with silhouette
  • Print with transparency on Hatches by using ""Print Style Table"" (CTB/STB) color configuration
  • Xref Notify
  • Digital signatures to .dwg files
  • Publish restyling
  • Custom Folders preset
  • Quick access to your disks/network
  • Formulas in Tables
  • SysVarMonitor
  • Improved PDF export

Main Features

  • AViCAD 2020 writes to AutoCAD DWG file format allowing to open drawing created with the latest AutoCAD 2020 version.
  • Windows 7 & 8/ 8.1/10 32 and 64-bit
  • True 64-bit functionality resulting in 150-300% speed increase
  • Quick Install
  • Simplified Registration
  • Choose between AutoCAD-Like Ribbon interface and Classic dropdowns
  • Free bonus utilities
  • 20,000+ Block Library
  • 2D/3D Windows, Walls & Doors
  • Advanced publishing / Export 3D PDF
  • Annotative Objects supported
  • Improved annotative scaling
  • Dynamic Blocks Editing
  • Stretch and pull 3D solids
  • Built in Cloud Backup (DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft One)
  • Exports to DXF, DWF, 3DS, DAE, STL, LWO, POV, BMP, WMF, EMF and SVG
  • Export to any previous AutoCAD versions, both in DWG and DXF file formats

Mech-Q Full Suite (included with AViCAD 2020)

Mech-Q a is a series of 4 main modules that integrates directly inside AViCAD. Mech-Q allows to:
  • Draw fittings and parts parametrically with a zero learning curve
  • Manage your layers and colors
  • Works in either Imperial (U.S.) or Metric
  • Create piping in single Line, double line and isometric
  • Insert P&ID and plumbing symbols
  • Create structural drawings with beam designer
  • Create steel stairs, railings and more
  • Create rectangular & round Ducting
  • Create BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Insert mechanical parts nuts and bolts plus more

General Features

  • Print area visualization
  • Advanced Data Extraction
  • DIESEL language support
  • DWF Import & Export
  • 3D models o2c export
  • JPG and PDF
  • RealTime Pan & Zoom
  • Lineweight for Display and Printing
  • Recovery manager
  • ActiveX integration
  • Customization
  • Dynamic Input
  • Auto/Dynamic UCS
  • 3D Ortho
  • Auto insert
  • NLM

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